Combat Tips and Techniques | How to Fight Like a Pro

Outriders - Combat Tips and Techniques | How to Fight Like a Pro
This is a guide to combat in Outriders. Learn combat tips, techniques, and more below!

General Combat Tips and Techniques

Always Prepare Before Moving On to the Next Area

Outriders Stats Guide - Inventory Screen

Most quests are divided into several areas, each having a group of enemies that you need to kill.

Loot as much as you can from their corpses and chests that you find, then equip the best ones that you got before entering the next area.

Start From Weaker Enemies to Stronger Ones

Outriders Carnage Cremator Elite

Elite enemies such as the Captain and Cremator will take a lot of bullets before they die. Pick off weaker enemies first to conserve ammo and have less distractions once you face off the stronger ones.

Use Melee Attack to Displace Monsters

Outriders - Sprint Melee

Perforos are persistent in attacking you, so you might get swarmed by hordes of them. Use any of your Melee Attacks to knock them off and give yourself some breathing room to either run or kill them.

Stay in Cover When Skills Are In Cooldown

Outriders - Stay in Cover

If you need time to cooldown your skills, stay in cover and do not push your position. Otherwise, enemies will overpower you, resulting to your death.

You can also use a Sniper Rifle to pick off far-reaching enemies and cast Immobilizing skills (if you have one already available) to slow down enemies moving towards you.

Use Melee Attacks to Destroy a Bulwark's Shield

Outriders - Clear the Outskirts

Later in the game, you will be introduced to the Bulwarks. They can cast shields to protect themselves from bullets, which makes it a bit harder to kill them.

To counteract this, use your Melee Attacks to destroy their shields, making them vulnerable from your gunshots.

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