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This is a guide on preloading Outriders. Read on to know if you can preload the game ahead of its scheduled release date.

Will Preload be Available?

Preloading is available for Xbox users starting March 25th and for PlayStation users starting March 29th. Preloading for PC is available starting March 31st.

Preloading (pre-downloading) allows players to download the game in advance, and while the game is not playable until April 1st, players can avoid long download times by taking advantage of preloading.

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How to Preload Outriders

PC Preload

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For PC user who pre-ordered using Steam, simply go to your Library, click on the Outriders game title, and Click Install.

PS4 Preload

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For PS4 players, a screen similar to the one above appears upon preloading the game.

In order to pre-download the game, be sure to check the Auto-Download box shown – otherwise, the game will not download ahead of time automatically.

Xbox One Preload

For Xbox One players, go to the management section of Outriders in My games & apps. Select Outriders again and choose Manage installation on Internal or wherever you have the game saved. From there, check the base game then save your changes to begin preloading Outriders.

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