How to Beat Shaman Warlord | Boss Fight Strategy Guide

Outriders Babylon - How to Beat Shaman Warlord | Boss Fight Strategy Guide
This is a guide to beating the Shaman Warlord in Babylon in the game Outriders. This article provides information on Shaman Warlord, as well as tested strategies for beating them.

Shaman Warlord Information

Basic Information

Outriders Babylon - Shaman Warlord Boss Guide

While not the strongest of Ferals in brute strength, the Shaman Warlord is the most capable at manipulating the Anomaly's power to deadly effect. In contrast to most other Ferals, they wear little protective gear, and depend more on their powers to prevent injury.

Tips and Strategies

General Tip

This fight is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Winning requires mastery of positioning, timing, and reflexes. Treat it as a training ground for when you face the Final Boss.

Unlike most Elites you've fought so far, the Shaman Warlord is a rare exception from Elites that come at you with gunfire or melee attacks.

The Shaman Warlord utilizes Anomaly power better than any enemy you've faced so far, Outrider.

Essential Shards

If you have gear with these Shards, we recommend to max them out, especially Status Power before facing the Shaman Warlord.

Bonus FirepowerShards Icon
Increases weapon damage
Status PowerShards Icon
Increases damage of Burn, Toxic, and Bleed. Increase duration of Ash, Weakness, Vulnerable
Weapon Life LeechShards Icon
Percentage of Health regained by dealing weapon damage
Max HealthShards Icon
Additional Health points

Recommended Mod Pairings

As mentioned, this fight is a marathon. These Mod-sets were selected to deal heavy damage over time.

Toxic Set

Improved Toxic BulletsImproved Toxic Bullets Radical TherapyRadical Therapy Toxic PiercerToxic Piercer

Burn Set

Bullet KindlingBullet Kindling Improved Burning BulletsImproved Burning Bullets Twice as HotTwice as Hot

Bleed Set

Bloody BoostBloody Boost Improved Bleeding BulletsImproved Bleeding Bullets Blood PotionBlood Potion

Take the High Ground

Here is an overview of the battle field. Berserkers will charge at you from the center, but the center is a deadman's zone.

The right wing has blockades where enemy groups could trap you. The left wing is free from any obstruction and holds the Ammo Stockbox at the end of the hall.

Berserkers First

Berserkers will be the first ones to charge at you. Eliminating them at once should be the top of your to-do list every time they are spawned. Some of these Berserkers inflict Freeze and most of them inflict Bleed on contact.

Elite Backup

Once the Warlords are spawned, your priority will change. Eliminate the two Warlords before they have a chance to use Stone Skin Aura and reinforce the Armor of every Feral in the field.


Overload works in the same way as Moloch's Solar Blast. The difference is that Shaman Warlord not only sets up an anomaly barrier as he charges the attack, but also follows your movement as he charges it.

If you have successfully eliminated the Berserkers, you can use the obstructions in the field as shield covers to wait out the attack unharmed.

Grasping Shock

Grasping Shock is a wide AoE attack that temporarily incapacitates your character if caught in its zone. Shaman Warlord will spam this attack along with Anomaly Rifts, making this fight a real "dance of death".

Anomaly Rifts

Shaman Warlord summons an Anomaly rift that shoots out Anomaly Energy. These floating blue orbs can take a lot of gunfire, but most Anomaly-based atttacks are more effective in destroying it.

However, you don't have to waste bullets or time (on skill cooldowns) on it since it disappears after 25 seconds. You only need to keep out of sight from it so it can't shoot at you.

Guerilla Tactics

If you have Anomaly-Power Rounds, unload your magazine on the Shaman Warlord. Then switch to a weapon with a Status Effect-inducing mod attached. You don't have to unload a whole magazine on the Shaman Warlord, just inflict it with a Status Effect while you wait for your Anomaly-powered Rounds to finish cooldown.

Using the pillars on the left wing as shielding, position yourself so that you can take aim at the Shaman Warlord but the Anomaly Rift can't take aim at you.

For reference:

Bleed IconBleed Deals damage equal to 2.5% of your Ability Power every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds
Burn IconBurn Deals damage equal to 3.7% of your Ability Power every 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds
Toxic IconToxic Deals damage equal to 3.5% of your Ability Power every 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds.

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