Judgment Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations

Outriders - Judgment Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations

This is a walkthrough for Judgment, a Main Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, chest locations, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Asylum Judgment Relics

Judgment Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 18
Rewards 5000 EXP
Repeat Rewards -
Tiago guided you to the Stronghold under the contol of Kang's men. You need to get inside and find out what Scurlock's intentions are with Zahedi.

How to Unlock Judgment

Complete Asylum.

Judgment Quest Walkthrough

Rescue Zahedi

Main Quest IconClear the Stronghold.→Open the Door.
Head inside the Stronghold and fight Kang's men. The Stronghold is a large open area with enemies surrounding you from every angle. Maneuver from cover to cover as much as you can. After clearing the area, open the Door to rescue Zahedi.

Fight your way out of the Stronghold

Main Quest IconTake out Kang's Reinforcements.→Open the Gate.
Kill every one of Kang's reinforcements. Beware of Kang's Enforcer, as he will be tough to take down. Open the Door after to move forward.
Main Quest IconTalk to Jakub to continue through the Forest.
Return to camp and speak with Jakub to finish the quest.

Boss Strategy: Kang's Enforcer

The Enforcer is a high ranking Captain, among the priviliged few to have been promoted to Kang's personal entourage, responsible for guarding their leader from all harm.
How to Beat Kang's Enforcer

Judgment Chest Locations

Map Location Directions
1 From the Stronghold's entrance, take the stairs on the right and this will lead you to the chest next to a hole on the floor.
2 From the Door in the Stronghold, take the stairs on the right and go to the first balcony overlooking the forest.

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