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Outriders Warden Build

This is a guide to building the Warden, a Devastator Build in the game Outriders. To learn about the weapon, gear, and mods for the Warden Build, read on.

Warden Description

Warden Build

A defensive Warden build with high Health and Health regeneration. With the proper weapon and armor loadout, this build also lets you charge head-on to enemies without needing to take cover.

Best Warden Skill Set

Skill Description
ImpaleImpale Select a target to Interrupt their skills, inflict Bleed, and deal damage. If the damage is lethal, the enemy will be impaled, granting a powerful bonus to Armor and Health regeneration to all allies for 9 seconds.
GolemGolem Fortify yourself against 65% of incoming damage for 8 seconds.
Gravity LeapGravity Leap Leap into the air and strike your targets from above, dealing damage and Interrupting enemies within a small radius of the area you land in.

Impale interrupts a Boss from performing their strong attacks and deal a ton of damage. Add the Impaler mod to allow you use this skill two times before triggering the cooldown.

When playing in co-op, Impale grants all allies with Armor and Health regeneration, as long as the attack is lethal, and can provide support for classes with low Health such as the Technomancer.

Golem increases resistance against all attacks, allowing you to go on an all out assault against enemies and defend yourself from a Boss's attacks. Add in the Golem of Death mod to extend its duration as long as you maintain a kill streak.

Gravity Leap lets you close in the distance between you and the enemy and deal massive AoE damage. With the right mods to buff this skill, you can kill a sniper enemy in a single strike and even fully restore your Health.

Best Warden Class Tree Build

Node Effect
Colossus ImageColossus Increase your Health by 10%.
Anomaly in Veins ImageAnomaly in Veins Every second regenerate your Health by 1%.
Colossus ImageColossus Increase your Health by 10%.
Into the Fray ImageInto the Fray Increase your damage mitigation by 15% for 10 seconds after your KINETIC skills end.
Vim and Vigor ImageVim and Vigor Increase Weapon Damage by 10% for each unlocked Anomaly in Veins class node.
Anomaly in Veins ImageAnomaly in Veins Every second regenerate your Health by 1%.
Resistance Paragon ImageResistance Paragon Increase your Resistance by 20%.
Colossus ImageColossus Increase your Health by 10%.
Heirloom Armor ImageHeirloom Armor When an enemy dies in your Close Range, 20% of their Armor will be transferred to you for 10 seconds.
Profit Squared ImageProfit Squared Every ammo pick-up heals you for 5% of your Maximum Health.
Anomaly in Veins ImageAnomaly in Veins Every second regenerate your Health by 1%.
Colossus ImageColossus Increase your Health by 10%.
Outrider Commander ImageOutrider Commander Increase all healing by 20% and Shield by 20% for you and your allies.
Unending Watch ImageUnending Watch Reduce PROTECTION skill cooldown by 15%.
Resist the Mob ImageResist the Mob Increase Resistance by 15% for each enemy in Close Range.
Tank ImageTank Increase your Armor by 20%.
Overlord of the Battleground ImageOverlord of the Battleground Gain additional 10% Health for each enemy that died at Close Range.
Tank ImageTank Increase your Armor by 20%.
Unbroken Vow ImageUnbroken Vow You have 100% chance to ignore damage that would kill you and gain 50% Health. The effect may occur once every 180 seconds.
Mighty Tank ImageMighty Tank Increase Firepower by 10% of your Armor.
Increase Anomaly Power by 10% of your Armor.

The majority of class nodes in the Warden build focus on increasing your defenses, ensuring high survivability on the battlefield.

Unlocking every Anomaly in Veins class node allows you to have a passive health regeneration. This lets you jump back to the battle whenever your Health gets low.

It is recommended to unlock the Vim and Vigor class node as it increases your Weapon Damage by 10% for every unlocked Anomaly in Veins class node. Add this with a high Firepower stat and you have a lethal tank support build in no time!

Best Weapons for Warden

Weapon Attributes
✔️ Bonus Firepower
✔️ Close Range Damage
✔️ Cooldown Reduction

Weapons with the three attributes listed are best equipped for the Warden build.

List of Weapons

Weapon Type Variant
The Reaper ImageThe Reaper Light Machinegun Suppressing
Heir to the Desert ImageHeir to the Desert Assault Rifle Tactical
Imploder ImageImploder Double Gun Standard
Inferno Seed ImageInferno Seed Assault Rifle Tactical
Damascus Offering ImageDamascus Offering Light Machinegun Standard
Custom Markson Z-EE ImageCustom Markson Z-EE Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Mahogany K-DOM AA/6 ImageMahogany K-DOM AA/6 Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Corr-19 LMG "Red Widow" ImageCorr-19 LMG "Red Widow" Light Machinegun Suppressing
Camo ECA-B AR ImageCamo ECA-B AR Assault Rifle Tactical
Piper "Fatal Morgana" ImagePiper "Fatal Morgana" Pump Action Shotgun Standard

Best Armor for Warden

Armor Attributes
✔️ Anomaly Power
✔️ Skill Life Leech
✔️ Cooldown Reduction

Armor with the three attributes listed are best equipped for the Warden build.

Statue Set Pieces

Statue Set
Currently UnavailableStatue's Head Currently UnavailableStatue's Torso
Currently UnavailableStatue's Legs Currently UnavailableStatue's Hands StatueStatue's Feet

Best Mods for Warden

LIfe AbsorptionLIfe Absorption Golem of DeathGolem of Death RestorationRestoration
Rivers of BloodRivers of Blood Bloody BoostBloody Boost No Resistance Against the FortifiedNo Resistance Against the Fortified
Even OddsEven Odds Mitigation from DeathMitigation from Death Damage AbsorberDamage Absorber

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