How to Beat Kang's Huntmaster | Boss Fight Strategy Guide

Outriders - How to Beat Kang
This is a guide to beating the Kang's Huntmaster in Retaliation in the game Outriders. This article provides information on Kang's Huntmaster, as well as tested strategies for beating them.

Kang's Huntmaster Information

Basic Information

Outriders - Retaliation Kang

A Captain under Kang's command, this Huntmaster spearheaded the incursion that sought to recover the Drop Pod that fell near the Ancient Ruins. Unfortunately for him, the pod landed inside a sacred monument that blocked his access, despite his damndest attempts to blow the doors open.

Tips and Strategies

General Tip

Kang's Huntmaster is another Captain-type Elite that rallies forces to its aid. Equipped with Anomaly attacks of its own, the additional support fire makes this Elite tougher to beat if you don't take out his men first.

Trappers Out

Trappers are like your standard Rifleman. Alone, this enemy type doesn't pose much of a threat. But in numbers, they can easily outgun you. Better take them out first before Kang's Huntmaster can activate Stone Skin Aura.

Stone Skin Aura

This defensive Skill coats not only the caster but also every ally of the caster in an armor of rocks similar to a Devastator's Golem.

We recommend Armor Pierce-enhancing Mods to counter this skill if you do not have Interrupt Skills equipped.

Anomaly Barrage

Anomaly Barrage targets multiple AoE (visible as red circles). If you are in a good position this means that Kang's Huntmaster cannot defend from gunfire as he completes the barrage.

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