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This guide explains Outriders' post-launch plans, from major updates to potential downloadable content (DLC). Read on to learn if the game will get a DLC, as well as how People Can Fly will improve the game in the future.

Future Outriders Plans

In an official Reddit post, the developers shared their post-launch plans for the game, which largely focuses on improving the game's performance and optimization in the form of a follow up patch.

Below are the details of the follow up patch:

  • Controller adjustment options such as deadzone adjustment, acceleration settings and legacy layouts.
  • Loading Time Improvements for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles
  • Further Performance Improvements for Co-op games
  • Crossplay friends list and invite system across all platforms. This will require you to be using a Square Enix Members account.
  • Bug fixes

Although some of these have already been addressed in Patch 1.05, they could still encompass the succeeding patches, as the developers are still working on improving the game's overall state.

Will Outriders Get DLC?

Depends on the Game's Success

According to an interview by the game's Creative Director Bartek Kmita, the possibility of a downloadable content (DLC) for Outriders is entirely up to the game's success.

Given the chance, the DLC's would be significant expansions to the game and would feature self-contained stories set in the Outriders universe.

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