List of Technomancer Mods

This is a list of Technomancer Mods you can find in Outriders. Learn what Technomancer Mods are found in the game, their effects and bonuses, and how to get each of them below!

List of Technomancer Mods

Mod Tier Description
Advanced Rockets ImageAdvanced Rockets I Pain Launcher: Every rocket deals more damage.
Armor Reduction ImageArmor Reduction I Blighted Turret: The turret reduces the Armor of each enemy it hits by 30%. Effect lasts for 5 seconds.
Bang for Your Buck ImageBang for Your Buck I Tool of Destruction: Activating the skill grants a 100% base ammo increase for the selected tool.
Better Parts ImageBetter Parts I Blighted Turret: Increases the turret's duration by 50%.
Bonus Duration ImageBonus Duration I Cryo Turret: Extend the turret's duration.
Cleansing Wind ImageCleansing Wind I Fixing Wave: Activating the skill removes negative statuses from allies and grants 5 seconds immunity from harm.
Cold Purification ImageCold Purification I Cold Snap: Skill activation removes negative statuses from you and all your allies in range and receive negative stautses immunity for 5 seconds.
Critical Analysis ImageCritical Analysis I Blighted Rounds: Increases Critical Damage by 30%.
Demolition Man ImageDemolition Man I Tool of Destruction: Each rocket deals more damage.
Feedback ImageFeedback I Tool of Destruction: 3% of the damage dealt using the Minigun heals you after the ability ends.
Fine-Tuned ImageFine-Tuned I Scrapnel: Increases the detection and explosion radius.
Fixer Upper ImageFixer Upper I Fixing Wave: Activating the skill increases Health Regeneration by 5% of Max Health for you and your allies for 8 seconds.
Fortify ImageFortify I Tool of Destruction: Active Minigun grants Armor Bonus.
Freeze Barrage ImageFreeze Barrage I Pain Launcher: Inflict Freeze on enemies affected by each rocket explosion.
Frostbite ImageFrostbite I Cold Snap: While Frozen by the skill, enemies have reduced Armor for the duration of the status.
Hail Shot ImageHail Shot I Cryo Turret: Increase the turret's damage based on your Status Power.
Ice Component ImageIce Component I Blighted Turret: The turret now inflicts Freeze instead of Toxic.
Ice Ice Baby ImageIce Ice Baby I Cold Snap: Enemies already afflicetd with Freeze will receive extra damage from this skill.
Ice Pack ImageIce Pack I Cryo Turret: The turret heals allies by 30% Max Health within a 4 meter radius when the ability ends.
Increase Damage ImageIncrease Damage I Cryo Turret: Every turret's shot deals extra damage.
Increased Range ImageIncreased Range I Pain Launcher: Increases the skill's range.
Initial Blast ImageInitial Blast I Pain Launcher: Causes a small explosion, dealing damage in a 5 meter radius when the skill is activated.
Knockwave ImageKnockwave I Blighted Turret: The turret creates an explosion when deployed, dealing damage to enemies within a 6 meter radius.
Long Winter ImageLong Winter I Cold Snap: Increases the radius of the skill by 66%.
Massacre ImageMassacre I Tool of Destruction: Each enemy killed with the Minigun gives Anomaly Power bonus for 6 seconds.
More Damage ImageMore Damage I Scrapnel: Increases the skill's damage.
More Traps ImageMore Traps I Scrapnel: 1 additional mine can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.
Mr.Fixit ImageMr.Fixit I Fixing Wave: Activating the skill grants you and your allies 100% Armor and 30% Resistance bonuses for 5 seconds.
No Pain  No Gain ImageNo Pain, No Gain I Blighted Rounds: When the skill ends, 40% of damage dealt by the skill is turned into healing and spread equally among allies.
Painful Chill ImagePainful Chill I Cold Snap: Applies extra damage to all enemies affected by the skill.
Portable Armory ImagePortable Armory I Tool of Destruction: You can fire additional rockets.
Rain of Pain ImageRain of Pain I Pain Launcher: Decreases the skill's cooldown.
Spare Mag ImageSpare Mag I Blighted Rounds: The skill is effective for one additional magazine before triggering the cooldown.
Supplies ImageSupplies I Scrapnel: 1 additional mine can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.
Surprise ImageSurprise I Cryo Turret: The turret explodes before being destroyed, dealing damage in a 6 meter radius.
Trick Up The Sleeve ImageTrick Up The Sleeve I Blighted Rounds: While the skill is active, killing shots grants you 30% extra bullets in your mag.
Untouchable ImageUntouchable I Tool Of Destruction: Activating the Minigun grants 15% Resistance bonus.
Upgraded Gun ImageUpgraded Gun I Tool of Destruction: Active Minigun grants 30% Resistance Piercing bonus.
Bigger Sector III Pain Launcher: Launched rockets cover 45% more area.
Breath In ImageBreath In III Fixing Wave: Reduces the skill's cooldown.
Cannonade ImageCannonade III Pain Launcher: Increases the number of rockets launched by 10,
Cryodown ImageCryodown III Cryo Turret: Decrease the skill's Cooldown by 50%.
Enriched Anthrax ImageEnriched Anthrax III Blighted Turret: Increases the turret's damage.
Icicle Storm ImageIcicle Storm III Cold Snap: Killing enemies Freezed by the skill makes them explode dealing damage in a 5 meter radius.
Med Burst ImageMed Burst III Blighted Turret: The turret replenishes 35% of Max Health to each ally within a 20 meter radius around itself when destroyed.
Quartermaster ImageQuartermaster III Fixing Wave: Activating the skill replenishes one weapon magazine for each ally.
Rocket Man III Tool Of Destruction: You can fire 3 additional rockets.
Special Delivery ImageSpecial Delivery III Tool of Destruction: Increase the rockets' explosion radius by 33%.
Splash Boost ImageSplash Boost III Blighted Rounds: Increases the splash effect radius of successful shots by 50%.
To the Bone ImageTo the Bone III Blighted Rounds: When the skill is activated, increase Anomaly Power by 30% for 15 seconds.
Trap Cluster ImageTrap Cluster III Scrapnel: Doubles the number of mines that can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.
Twins ImageTwins III Cryo Turret: Two turrets can be placed before triggerring the cooldown.

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