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This is a guide for all the Classes and Best Class to choose for solo in Outriders. Read on to learn more about each of the four classes available in the game, as well as which class is best for each type of player!

Class System

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Outriders allows players to choose from 4 different Classes. Each Class offers players a unique experience in terms of combat strategy, healing mechanics, and skillset combinations.

What is the Best Solo Class?

Essentially, there is no "Best Class" in the world of Outriders. All Classes are equally powerful in their own right. It's up to a player's creativity and aggresive gameplay to unleash the full potential for any Class.

However, if you're planning to play the game on solo, you might find it much easier using the Devastator class, considering its moveset and class tree nodes that increase the Devastator's survivability while still being able to dish out heavy damage, even against groups.

Best Class to Choose

List of Classes


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Description Long Range, Support, Gadgets
Manipulate the Anomaly to animate constructs and bend them to your will, aiding allies and killing enemies from afar.
Melee Skill Deal damage and Freeze all enemies in a small radius.
Healing Mechanic As the Technomancer, you will recover a portion of the damage you deal as health.
Traits • Increase Long Range Weapon Damage by 7.5%
• Increase Skill Life Leech by 15%
• Increase Weapon Life Leech by 15%

The Technomancer class focuses on dealing damage from afar, as well as supporting allies by animating gadgets like turrets and providing healing.

This class is perfect for players who enjoy a support role, whether defensively through healing or offensively through crippling enemies for your team.

Technomancer Class: Skills, Class Tree, and Builds


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Description Medium Range, Conjurer, Fire
Cover foes in flames, incinerate entire squads and heal your own wounds as enemies fall to your inferno.
Melee Skill Deal damage and inflict Burn on enemies.
Healing Mechanic As the Pyromancer, you will recover health whenever enemies marked by your skills are killed.
Traits • Receive additional 10% Anomaly Power
• Skills Mark damaged enemies for 15 seconds. Killing a Marked heals you by 24% of your maximum health.
• Increase Skill Life Leech by 5%

The Pyromancer class can take out a group of enemies quickly using a set of medium-ranged fire-based skills.

Choose this class if you want a caster role, much like a "mage" in a typical RPG, that is in charge of dishing out damage using skill combos, especially against mobs.

Pyromancer Class: Skills, Class Tree, and Builds


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Description Close Range, Hit & Run, Spacetime
Bend the laws of space and time to appear out of nowhere, assassinate your enemies, and return to safety in the blink of an eye.
Melee Skill Deal damage and inflict Slow to all enemies within a small radius.
Healing Mechanic As the Trickster, each enemy killed in close range heals you and grants a portion of Shield.
Traits • Receive additional 5% Maximum Health
• Active Shield grants 5% damage mitigation.
• Every Close Range kill heals you by 20% of your Maximum Health and grants you 12% Shield

The Trickster class can move in and out of the enemies quickly using spacetime skills. Its moves are mostly for close range combat and players can customize their Trickster to a DPS build or a Tank build that can both make the most out of its healing mechanic and shield.

Players who prefer getting behind enemy lines before assassinating enemies quickly in close range combat suit the Trickster class best.

Trickster Class: Skills, Class Tree, and Builds


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Description Close Range, Tank, Stand Your Ground
Take point and defend your allies. Ground and foes alike will tremble as you pass.
Melee Skill Deal damage and inflict Bleed to all enemies within a small radius.
Healing Mechanic As the Devastator, you will recover health from slain enemies that stood too close.
Traits • Every Close Range kill heals you by 24% of your Maximum Health
• Receive additional 15% Maximum Health
• Increase Armor by 30%

The Devastator class specializes in acting as a vanguard by drawing enemy fire to protect allies before unleashing AoE attacks upon reaching the enemy lines.

This class is best for players who love the tank role as you're going to need to charge to the heart of the battle to maximize the Devastator's skills and mechanics while also dealing huge amounts of damage.

Devastator Class: Skills, Class Tree, and Builds

Which Class Will You Choose?

Technomancer 16
Pyromancer 13
Trickster 21
Devastator 30

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