How to Beat Moloch | Boss Fight Strategy Guide

Outriders - How to Beat Moloch | Boss Fight Strategy Guide
This is a guide to beating the Moloch in Onslaught in the game Outriders. This article provides information on Moloch, as well as tested strategies for beating them.

Moloch Information

Basic Information

Outriders - Onslaught Boss - Moloch Basic Information

Moloch appears to carry a shriveled man on his back, crucified to a cross-like harness, but still somehow alive. Is he a prisoner, forced to suffer witness to all the death and destruction the Altered leaves behind? Or could it be that this vestigal person is somehow in control - the real Moloch using a mindless meat puppet as its vehicle?

Tips and Strategies

Equip Assault Rifles or Double Guns

Outriders - Moloch General Tips
This is a lengthy close ranged battle. You will benefit more from using an Assault Rifle or a Double Gun, based on the nature of combat and the amount of rounds at your disposal.

Aim for Moloch's Head and the Cruficied Body's Head

To deplete Moloch's health much more quickly, make sure to aim for the head of both Moloch and the body that he is carrying to inflict more damage.

Always Establish Distance from Moloch

He can teleport right next to you, so keep your distance from him to avoid getting burned.

Roll When You are Set on Fire

Take note that all of Moloch's attacks will inflict Burn, the first thing you should do is roll to put out the flames.

Moloch's Abilities

Wandering Flame

At this point of the story, you already know how annoying Wandering Flame can be. Since there is no cover available in the field, we strongly recommend interrupting Moloch whenever he tries to summon Wandering Flame.

How to Interrupt Enemy Attacks and Skills


Whenever you try and utilize Close Range Damage bonuses by coming closer to Moloch, he triggers Immolation. Immolation summons 3 wide AoE and sets it on fire. If you see Moloch try and activate Immolation, toggle off your ADS and survey which areas you have to avoid.

Flame Barrage

This is one of Moloch's ranged attacks. Similar to Gauss' Metal Barrage, this skill creates a window of opportunity when it is casted. Flame Barrage only summons 3 AoE circles. Once you take note of the locations, find a spot, and continue your barrage.

Solar Blast

The key is dodging at the right moment just as it finishes charging up. Solar Blast only follows one straight path, we highly recommend dodging to the sides.

Solar Blast is one of the strongest attacks Moloch has in his arsenal. This concentrated blast does not have a lot of range, rolling once to the side is enough to escape its path.

For reference, here is how much damage it can do on World Tier 13.

Fire Dash

Fire Dash is Moloch's teleport skill with the added effect that wherever he teleports to creates an AoE circle that inflicts Burn. He will most likely charge this towards you. Dodge just before the skill finishes charging.

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