Best Mods to Equip

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This is a guide to the best Mods to equip in the game Outriders. To learn more about what Mods are best for different playstyles, read on.

Beginner Armor Mods

Trickster Mods

The following mods are handpicked to be make the most out of the 3 of the first 4 Skills that a Trickster unlocks. This Mod set is dedicated for players who really want to get up close and personal with their tactics.

Temporal Blade

Cut LooseCut Loose SlasherSlasher

Slasher and Cut Loose both modify Temporal Blade, the former letting you use the skill one more time before initiating a cooldown and the latter reducing the skill cooldown itself.

Slow Trap

Thunder DomeThunder Dome Weakening ZoneWeakening Zone

Slow Trap is already, in itself a decent skill; pair it with Thunder Dome and Weakening Zone, and you have a Skill that grants you Shield when it deactivates while inflicting Weakness on enemies caught in the zone.

Hunt The Prey

Dance of DeathDance of Death Radiation JumpRadiation Jump

Hunt the Prey is a useful skill when it comes to closing distances and executing quick assassinations. Modding it with Radiation Jump and Dance of Death make it a serious clutch skill when surrounded in a killbox formation.

Technomancer Mods

The following mods are handpicked to be make the most out of the 3 of the first 4 Skills that a Technomancer unlocks.

Cryo Turret

Bonus DurationBonus Duration Hail ShotHail Shot

As a support role, Cryo Turret is versatile when it comes to establishing crowd-control with its Freeze bullets. Bonus Duration gives your Skill more time to damage enemies before it initiates the Cooldown. While Hail Shot grants more damage that your turret can dish out.

Pain Launcher

Freeze BarrageFreeze Barrage Rain of PainRain of Pain

Pain Launcher allows you to damage large groups of enemies as you push with your position. Modding Freeze Barrage ensures that enemies that do not killed easily with Pain Launcher are inflicted with Freeze so you can sweep enemies while they are frozen.

Blighted Rounds

Trick Up The SleeveTrick Up The Sleeve Spare MagSpare Mag

Blighted Rounds is a Toxic-inducing Damage Skill. Modding it with Spare Mag allows you to an extra magazine of Blighted Rounds, while Trick Up The Sleeve lets you stock up on rounds with every kill you get while the skill is active.

Pyromancer Mods

The following mods are handpicked to be make the most out of the 3 of the first 4 Skills that a Pyromancer unlocks.


Irradiation WaveIrradiation Wave Burnt-OutBurnt-Out

The Pyromancer Class is reliant on the ability of a player to not only spam their Skills, but also to make the most of them. Heatwave is one of the basic skills that a Pyromancer learns. Modding it with Irradiation Wave and Burnt-Out makes it easier for you to eliminate enemies and activate your Healing Mechanic.

Feed the Flames

Anomaly HungerAnomaly Hunger NovaNova

Feed the Flames allows you to Leech off health from enemies while temporarily stopping them in their tracks. Anomaly Hunger and Nova amplify the damage dealt and the skill range, respectively.

Thermal Bomb

Fire FrenzyFire Frenzy WildfireWildfire

Thermal Bomb allows you to immobilize stronger enemies and detonating them to deal damage against surround enemies. Fire Frenzy allows you to use the skill twice before triggering a cooldown, while Wildfire inflicts Burn on every enemy caught in the blast radius.

Devastator Mods

The following mods are handpicked to be make the most out of the 3 of the first 4 Skills that a Devastator unlocks.


Blood ShockBlood Shock Panzer DrainPanzer Drain

Earthquake already damages and interrupts enemies in their tracks. Equipping Blood Shock also inflicts Bleed on enemies caught by the skill, while Panzer Drain strips enemies of 33% of their Armor.


Golem of DeathGolem of Death Bleeding ImpulseBleeding Impulse

Golem gives us additional armor as we change into the heat of battle. Equipping Golem of Death makes the duration of the skill longer with every enemy killed while the skill is active, while Bleeding Impulse pulsates radial impulses while the skill is active, inflicting every enemy within a given radius with Bleed.

Gravity Leap

LIfe AbsorptionLIfe Absorption Bloody CrushBloody Crush

Gravity Leap lets you close distances and deal AoE damage to groups of enemies. Life Absorption heals you relative to the amount of damage you deal, while Bloody Crush inflicting every enemy damaged with the skill with Bleed.

Advanced Armor Mods


Mod Tier Description
Shield Zap ImageShield Zap II When your Shield is active, it spawns an electric shock around you dealing damage to up to 2 enemies within a 5 meter radius. Cooldown of 5 seconds.
Seismic Impulse ImageSeismic Impulse II A seismic impulse is generated every x seconds dealing x damage within a x meter radius around you.
Hidden and Dangerous ImageHidden and Dangerous II Increases your Firepower when shooting from cover.
No Resistance Against the Fortified ImageNo Resistance Against the Fortified II Increases your Resistance Piercing by 50% of your Armor Piercing value.
Untamed Power ImageUntamed Power II Using skills deals damage to enemies within a 5 meter radius around you. The damage is equal to 30% of your Anomaly Power.
Dum-Dum Bullets ImageDum-Dum Bullets II Increases Assault Weapon Damage by 10%.
Personal Space ImagePersonal Space II Grants you a 15% bonus to Close Range Weapon Damage

Stat Bonuses

Mod Tier Description
Diffuse ImageDiffuse II Sprinting increases your Armor and Resistance.
Plate Dodge ImagePlate Dodge II Rolling increases your Armor for 5 seconds.
Damage Absorber ImageDamage Absorber II Increases your Armor and Resistance by 10%.


Mod Tier Description
Emergency Stance ImageEmergency Stance II Attain Golem protective effect for 4 seconds whenever your Health drops below 30%. 10s cooldown.
Even Odds ImageEven Odds II Increases your Max Health by 10% for each enemy within a 10 meter radius around you. Stacks up to 3 times.
Perseverance Shield ImagePerseverance Shield II Receive Shield points whenever your Health drops below 30%. 5s Cooldown.
Mitigation from Death ImageMitigation from Death II Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants Armor points for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Weapon Mods


Mod Tier Description
Bone Shrapnel ImageBone Shrapnel II Killing shots detonate the enemy's bones, turning them into shrapnel that inflicts Bleed on nearby enemies
Storm Whip ImageStorm Whip II Shots bring down lightning on an enemy dealing damage. Cooldown of 2 seconds
Death Chains ImageDeath Chains II Shots entangle an enemy with chains, dealing damage over 3 seconds.
Claymore ImageClaymore II Shots damage an enemy with an Anomaly Blade.


Basic Mods

Mod Tier Description
Essence Thief ImageEssence Thief I Shots regenerate your Health.
Soul Devourer ImageSoul Devourer I Killing Shots replenish Health.
Shield Maiden ImageShield Maiden I Shots generate Shield.

Advanced Mods

Mod Tier Description
GravediggerGravedigger's Frenzy II Critical shots increase your Critical Damage by 50% for 5 seconds.
Striga ImageStriga II A percentage of Critical Damage is returned to you as Health.
Anomaly Enhancement ImageAnomaly Enhancement II Receive a passive Firepower boost equal to a percentage of your Anomaly Power


Mod Tier Description
Improved Toxic Bullets ImageImproved Toxic Bullets II Shots inflict Toxic on enemies. Cooldown of 4 seconds.
Improved Burning Bullets ImageImproved Burning Bullets II Shots inflict Burn on enemies.
Improved Bleeding Bullets ImageImproved Bleeding Bullets II Shots inflict Bleed on enemies.

Co-op Optimized Mods

Mod Tier Description
Killer Medic ImageKiller Medic I Killing shots replenish Health to allies within a 5 meter radius of the target.
Head of the Ward ImageHead of the Ward II Reviving an ally also fully restores their Health
Aura of Force ImageAura of Force II Killing enemies with critical shots grant Anomaly Power to you and your allies for 10 seconds
Ultimate Paragon ImageUltimate Paragon II Increases Armor for each ally in Close Range.
Paragon ImageParagon II Each ally in Close Range receive Armor points.
Rejuvenation ImageRejuvenation II Receive Firepower, Anomaly, and Armor bonus for 8 seconds whenever your Health is replenished. 10s Cooldown.

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