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Outriders - Cast and Voice Actors
This is a list of the complete voice cast for Outriders. Here we will show all the voice actors for the main characters, supporting characters, side quest characters, and antagonists.

Warning: This page may contain spoilers.

Voice Actor Cast

Main Characters

Character Voice Actor
Male Outrider Dusan Dukic
Female Outrider Mylène Dinh-Robic
Jakub Dabrowski Dmitry Chepovetsky
Dr. Abraham Zahedi Matthew Kabwe
Channa Takeuchi Lina Roessler
Bailey Catherine Bérubé
Tiago de la Luz Kwasi Songui

Supporting Characters

Character Voice Actor
Shira Gutmann Pascale Bussières
Jack Tanner Tim Post
Magnus Skarstedt Ralph Prosper
Olivia Cuthbert Natalie Liconti
Jane Colm Amber Goldfarb
Seth Marcel Jeannin
Jocelyn Dunham Tamara Brown
Victor Corrigan Mark Camacho
August (Agst) Avaah Blackwell
Robert Montcalm

Side Quest Characters

Character Voice Actor
Mr. Chang Fred Nguyen Khan
Eva Lopez Val Mervis
Barker Benz Antoine
Audrey Storm Caitlyn Sponheimer
Aidan McCain Alex Ivanovici
Alfred McKellen Chip Chuipka
Jabari Achebe Benz Antoine
Howard "Greybeard" Kamden Chip Chuipka
Akemi Zhao Brittany Drisdelle
Atta Goldstein Tamara Brown
Alastair Cullen Alex Ivanovici
Lumberjack Fred Nguyen Khan
Monique Davidson Brittany Drisdelle
Lucy Skrye Caitlyn Sponheimer
Madame Beauvoir Tamara Brown
Ujio Fred Nguyen Khan
Noah Dembele Chimwemwe Miller
Juno Pascal Caitlyn Sponheimer
Mercer Acosta Ahmad Ghanem
Wanderer Andrew Shaver


Character Voice Actor
Charles Maxwell James Loye
Moloch Alex Ivanovici
Dr. Nathan Scurlock Raphael Grosz-Harvey
Kang Andreas Apergis
Hernando Monroy Vlasta Vrana
Yagak Robert Montcalm

Voice Actors (Others)

Voice Actors (Others)
Trevor Hayes Carlo Mestroni
Max Laferriere Claudia Besso
Vlad Stokanic Jade Hassouné
Wyatt Bowen Jaa Smith-Johnson
Jennifer Seguin Stephanie Ruth

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