Wanted - Bloody Baron Quest Walkthrough

Outriders - Wanted - Bloody Baron Quest Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for Wanted - Bloody Baron, a Wanted Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, as well as tips for completion!

Wanted - Bloody Baron Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 14
Rewards 1x Selectable Epic Gear
500 EXP
Repeat Rewards -
Ujio, a "contractor" in Trench Town, is offering payment for the elimination of dangerous individuals. Track down the marks and collect bounties from him.

How to Unlock Wanted - Bloody Baron

Wanted - Bloody Baron unlocks right after talking to Grand Marshal Corrigan during the Mentor main quest.

You'll have to progress through the main quest to unlock the Wreckage Zone, which is the destination of this Wanted side quest.

Wanted - Bloody Baron Quest Walkthrough

Wreckage Zone

Side Quest Icon.pngHead to Factory Entrance.
Fast travel to Wreckage Zone and head to the Factory Entrance. Interact with the poster to start the side quest.
Side Quest Icon.pngTake out the Bloody Baron in the Wreckage Zone.
Jump over the bridge to proceed to the next area. Eliminate all the enemies in the area.
Side Quest Icon.pngClaim the bounty from Ujio in Trench Town.
Fast travel to Trench Town and talk to Ujio at the Saloon to complete the side quest and to claim your reward.

Tips and Strategies

Lure out the Bloody Baron

Outriders - Wanted - Bloody Baron Lure out the Bloody Baron

Once the Bloody Baron appears, you can lure him on the first area of the battlefield to face him one on one. The other enemies such as the Rifleman and Marksman will not pursue you and will remain in their positions.

Fight him at long range as he can deal massive damage with his shotgun. Run back if he teleports in front of you and make use of skills to stop him from charging up his attacks.

How to Interrupt Enemy Attacks and Skills

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