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Outriders Harbinger Build

This is a guide to building the Harbinger, a Trickster Build in the game Outriders. To learn about the weapon, gear, and mods for the Harbinger Build, read on.

Harbinger Description

Harbinger Build

The Harbinger is a Survival-focused build. This build will rely on perfectly timed tactics to survive any battle. We recommend this build for farming your World Tier.

Best Harbinger Skill Set

The Harbinger's skill set is meant for maximum crowd control so you can plan your every move in the game.

Skill Description
Slow Trap Create a spacetime Anomaly sphere that inflicts Slow onto enemies and projectiles.
Venator's Knife Throws a temporal knife at an enemy. The blade will ricochet at enemies within a small radius, marking them. All marked targets will be inflicted with Slow, and for 10 seconds the first damage dealt will be doubled.
Time Rift Create a shockwave that suspends enemies in the air, leaving them unable to fight for 3.5s and inflicts Weakness.

Tier 1 Trickster mods are already farmable at early stages of the game. So you can already dismantle gear to unlock these particular mods to further strengthen each skill

Weakening Zone Mod.jpgWeakening Zone Ultimate Big Range Mod.jpgUltimate Big Range Time Crack Mod.jpgTime Crack A Little Bit of Pain Mod.jpgA Little Bit of Pain No Escape Mod.jpgNo Escape

Slow-trap is a staple early in the game, but its full potential can be seen when paired with Weakening Zone and Ultimate Big Range, the former inflicts Weakness on every enemy caught in range while the latter expands the range of the zone by 2 meters.

Time Rift is the last skill a Trickster unlocks at Level 22. Adding the Time Crack mod reduces the Armor and Resistance of targets for a short period of time paired with the A Little Bit of Pain mod damages them while they are in their Weakened and vulnerable state.

Venator's Knife may not look as flashy as the other Trickster skills, but if you want a more tactical gameplay, adding the No Escape mod gives you more time to plan out your strategies whenever you play solo on higher World Tiers.

Best Harbinger Class Tree Build

Outriders Harbinger Build - Skill Tree.jpgEnlarge

Node Effect
Anomaly Persistence ImageAnomaly Persistence Increase your Health by 10%.
Oddity Resistance ImageOddity Resistance Receive 20% less damage from Elites.
Immunity ImageImmunity Increase your Resistance by 15%.
Anomaly Persistence ImageAnomaly Persistence Increase your Health by 10%.
Against the Odds ImageAgainst the Odds When surrounded by enemies, reloading your weapon deals 16 damage and interrupts enemies' abilities. Damage scales with Anomaly Power.
Cycle of Life and Death ImageCycle of Life and Death Gain additional 10% Health for each enemy that died at Close Range.
ShieldShield's Timeline Decrease your Shield degradation rate by 30%.
Atrophy ImageAtrophy Weakness afflicted on enemies lasts 30% longer.
Anomaly Persistence ImageAnomaly Persistence Increase your Health by 10%.
Immunity ImageImmunity Increase your Resistance by 15%.
ShieldShield's Timeline Decrease your Shield degradation speed by 30%.
Singularity ImageSingularity Decrease the cooldown of your DECEPTION skills by 15%.
Anomaly Cloak ImageAnomaly Cloak Increase your Armor by 20%.
ShieldShield's Increment Increase your Shield gain by 10%.
ShieldShield's Timeline Decrease your Shield degradation rate by 30%.
Long Odds ImageLong Odds For each enemy in Close Range, your Armor is increased by 15%.
Anomaly Persistence ImageAnomaly Persistence Increase your Health by 10%.
Profit Squared ImageProfit Squared Every ammo pick-up heals you for 5%.
Dualshield ImageDualshield Increase your damage mitigation while your Shield is active by an additional 6%.
Disruption Shield ImageDisruption Shield Every activation of DECEPTION skills grants you 20% Shield.

The Harbinger is a Build built for survival. If you plan on working your way to those World Tiers rewards, this may be the build for you. As early as Level 21, you can build a Partial Harbinger focusing more on Health, Shield, Armor, and Resistance bonuses. This build will be centered on maximizing your crowd-control whenever you'll play solo.

Alternatively, you can rely on Anomaly Shards to boost your Armor and Health as you build your way up to that Full Harbinger Build.

Best Weapons for Harbinger

Coming soon!

Best Armor for Harbinger

Coming soon!

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