How to Beat the Chrysaloid | Boss Fight Strategy Guide

Outriders - How to Beat the Chrysaloid | Boss Fight Strategy Guide
This is a guide to beating the Chrysaloid in Mayhem in the game Outriders. This article provides information on Chrysaloid, as well as tested strategies for beating them.

Chrysaloid Information

Basic Information

Outriders - Mayhem Boss - Chrysaloid Basic Information

A giant of the Forest that shakes the ground with its every movement. Among Enoch's largest witnessed creatures, the Chrysaloid reaches the heigh of a skyscraper, slamming its enormous arms like wrecking balls, tearing up and throwing mountains and trees.

Tips and Strategies

Stage 1

Fire Breath

During the first stage, position yourself on a corner to avoid the Chrysaloid's Fire Breath (indicated by a long red vertical zone).

Out of Reach

Whenever you see that giant arm, roll to the back of the field to be out of reach from the Chrysaloid's attack.


When the Chrysaloid climbs the the structure, change your camera angle to view where the rocks are, then evade.

Aim for the Heart

The Chrysaloid's weak spot is its fleshy throat area. Overtime, this part gets more damaged as your shoot at it. We recommend Burning Bullets or Improved Burning Bullets as these Status Effects deal the most base damage over time.

Stage 2


After depleting its first health bar, the fight will move to a different area. At close range, the safest spot is directly under the Chrysaloid itself. This position exposes its vulnerable heart for Critical damage. When the opportunity arises, take it.

Rock Throw

If you see the Chrysaloid retreating, toggle off your ADS and get a wider view of the area. This will help you navigate where the rocks will fall on.

Strixes get Stitches

Strixes will appear from time to time to menace you. Killing these bugs can be tricky as they are very agile in the air. However, their attack pattern leaves a brief opening for critical shots.

When a Strix is about to launch a ranged attack, it will expose its belly. Focus your fire on that area to kill them quickly.

Stick to Sidelines

Observe when the Chrysaloid goes into a higher platform . This is the same Fire Breath attack it used in Stage 1. Steer clear of the red zone, and continue attacking once it gets down.

Utilize Status Effect Mods

Use Status Effect mods that inflict Status Conditions because this will be lengthy fight, especially on higher world tiers.

Toxic BulletsToxic Bullets Vulnerability BulletsVulnerability Bullets Burning BulletsBurning Bullets
Bleeding BulletsBleeding Bullets Improved Toxic BulletsImproved Toxic Bullets Improved Vulnerability BulletsImproved Vulnerability Bullets
Bullet KindlingBullet Kindling Improved Burning BulletsImproved Burning Bullets Improved Bleeding BulletsImproved Bleeding Bullets
Radical TherapyRadical Therapy Twice as HotTwice as Hot Toxic PiercerToxic Piercer

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1 Anonymouseabout 3 years

The breath attack is sonic rather than fire. I thought it was a fire attack myself due to the red line but in this game red seems to mean damaging. THe bio doesn't mention fire just a sonic attack that bursts ear drums


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