List of Double Guns

This is a list of Double Guns available in Outriders. Learn what Double Guns are found in the game, what variants of Double Guns appear, their stats and bonuses, and how to get each of them below!

Double Gun Variants

Standard Demolisher Burst Fire
Clip Size 60 80 52
Firing Auto Auto Burst
RPM 750 388 471
Reload 2.7s 2.7s 1.8s
Crit. Multiplier 125% 139% 185%
Acc. 76% 65% 76%
Stability 79% 64% 85%
Range 50m 80m 80m

List of Double Guns

Weapon Variant Rarity
Amber Vault ImageAmber Vault Standard Legendary
Camo RPR-23 ImageCamo RPR-23 Demolisher Rare
Commando K-DOM NC/09 ImageCommando K-DOM NC/09 Standard Rare
Custom K-DOM ND/01 ImageCustom K-DOM ND/01 Demolisher Rare
Distortion ECA-B DG/2 ImageDistortion ECA-B DG/2 Demolisher Rare
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's Double Gun Standard Rare
ECA-B DG/2 ImageECA-B DG/2 Standard Unusual
ECA-B DG/2 "Nocturnal Cry" ImageECA-B DG/2 "Nocturnal Cry" Demolisher Epic
ECA-B DG/5 "Blue Blood" ImageECA-B DG/5 "Blue Blood" Standard Epic
ECA-B FLOR ImageECA-B FLOR Standard Unusual
ECA-B FLOR "Red Widow" ImageECA-B FLOR "Red Widow" Demolisher Epic
ECA-B FLOR "Space Revenant" ImageECA-B FLOR "Space Revenant" Standard Epic
Eventide K-DOM NC/07 ImageEventide K-DOM NC/07 Standard Rare
Everglade K-DOM NC/07 ImageEverglade K-DOM NC/07 Standard Rare
Imploder ImageImploder Standard Legendary
K-DOM NC/07 ImageK-DOM NC/07 Burst Fire Unusual
K-DOM NC/07 "Rising Tide" ImageK-DOM NC/07 "Rising Tide" Standard Epic
K-DOM NC/09 "Fatal Morgana" ImageK-DOM NC/09 "Fatal Morgana" Burst Fire Epic
LORE 201a ImageLORE 201a Standard Common
Lucky Jinx Demolisher Legendary
Mahogany K-DOM NC/07 ImageMahogany K-DOM NC/07 Standard Rare
RPR-23 ImageRPR-23 Standard Unusual
RPR-23 "EmperorRPR-23 "Emperor's Will" Demolisher Epic
RPR-23 "Lamia" ImageRPR-23 "Lamia" Burst Fire Epic
RPR-23 "Setting Sun" ImageRPR-23 "Setting Sun" Demolisher Epic
RPR-23 "Sunscorched" ImageRPR-23 "Sunscorched" Demolisher Epic
Rusty ECA-B DG/2 Standard Common
Shelrog's Excrescence Burst Fire Legendary
Terrestrial K-DOM NC/10 ImageTerrestrial K-DOM NC/10 Standard Rare
Upgraded ECA-B DG/2 ImageUpgraded ECA-B DG/2 Standard Rare
Zebra ECA-B DG/2 ImageZebra ECA-B DG/2 Burst Fire Rare

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