Reunion Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations | How to Beat Gauss

Outriders - Reunion Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations | How to Beat Gauss

This is a walkthrough for Reunion, a Main Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, chest locations, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Carnage Reunion Dedication

Reunion Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 3
Rewards 1000 EXP
Repeat Rewards
It has been 31 years since you went back into cryostasis on landing day. Now the valley is a warzone. The Outriders are dead and Shira Gutmann leads the ECA as Grand Marshal.
Jakub is still alive but he's being held hostage by a gang in Rift Town known as the Hounds. Enter the gang's hideout, locate your fellow Outrider and bring him back to Shira.

How to Unlock Reunion

Complete Carnage.

Reunion Quest Walkthrough

Descend into the Hounds' warehouse to save Jakub

Main Quest Icon.pngTake out the Defenders.→Open the Gate.
Head down to the warehouse and kill every Defender in the area. Interact with the wheel after to attempt to open the Gate.
Main Quest Icon.pngTake out the Reinforcements.→Open the Gate.
Kill the incoming Reinforcements. Once the area is cleared, try opening the gate again. Then enter the door at the end of the corridor to rescue Jakub.
Main Quest Icon.pngMeet with Jakub and Shira at her command room.
After rescuing Jakub, fast travel back to the Camp and talk to Shira in the command room.

Carve a path to the Solar Tower

Main Quest Icon.pngClear the Ruins.→Clear the Rocks.
Follow the waypoint to leave the camp. Once outside, head to the first Ruins where you will have to kill every enemy in the area. Clear the rocks after to move on to the next Ruins.
Main Quest Icon.pngClear the Ruins.→Retrive the Key.→Open the Door.
Kill every enemy in the second Ruins and retrieve the key from the last enemy that you slay. Use the key to open the door to the next area.
Main Quest Icon.pngClear the Ruins.→Clear the Rocks.
The third Ruins has an Altered that is resistant to some of your abilities. Focus on taking him down first before clearing the rest of the area. Once you're done, clear the rocks to proceed to the next area.
Main Quest Icon.pngClear the Area.→Retrive the Key.→Open the Door.
Go uphill and take down enemies on your way. The last enemy you kill will drop the key to the Tower.

Confront the Altered at the Tower

Main Quest Icon.pngKill Gauss.→Attend the debrief with Jakub and Shira at her command room.
Enter the Tower using the key and head to the roof to fight Gauss. Check out our Boss Guide below on how to defeat him. After defeating Gauss, fast travel back to Camp and talk to Shira in the command room for debriefing.

Tips and Strategies

Always Prepare Before Moving On to the Next Area

Outriders Stats Guide - Inventory Screen

The quest is divided into several areas, each having a group of enemies that you need to kill. Loot as much as you can from their corpses and chests that you find, then equip the best ones that you got before entering the next area.

Boss Strategy: Gauss

How to Beat Gauss

Outriders - Gauss

Before fighting Gauss, make sure to equip the best loot that you got from fighting your way to the Tower. The basic principle in defeating him is to move as much as possible and take every chance you get to shoot him.

How to Beat Gauss

Like most powered enemies, a loading bar will appear above Gauss' head when he is charging for his Skill Attack. Use an Interrupt Type Skill to cancel out his charge before he casts it against you.

How to Interrupt Enemy Attacks and Skills

Reunion Chest Locations

Map Location Directions
1 Open the Gate to Jakub's cell, then enter the small room on the left side of the Warehouse.
2 Open the Gate to Jakub's cell, then enter the small room on the right side of the Warehouse.
3 Open the Gate to Jakub's cell and approach the chest just beyond the Gate.
4 Go to the vantage point where the Sniper is in the second Ruins.
5 Approach the chest in front of the doorway to the third Ruins.
6 Approach the chest in the watery corner below the cliff in front of the Tower entrance.
7 Approach the chest at the edge of the cliff in front of the Tower entrance.
8 Once inside the Tower, turn right just behind the large pipe to enter a dark corridor.
9 This chest is located inside the room where Gauss comes from. Defeat him first to access it.

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