How to Use Shards | Shards Explanation

Outriders How to Use Anomaly Shards | Shards Explanation
This is a guide to using Anomaly Shards in the game Outriders. To learn more about how each Shard affects a certain aspect of your combat gameplay, read on.

What are Anomaly Shards?

Outriders What are Anomaly Shards
Anomaly Shards, or simply Shards, are used crafting to specific attributes of equipment. Every piece of equipment from Unusual to Legendary rarity, gets a random Anomaly Shard. A piece of gear can get from 1 to 3 Shard attributes at a time.

How to get Anomaly Shards?

Outriders How to Get Anomaly Shards
Shards can be farmed when you dismantle existing gear. This is the only way you can farm for shards. Every piece equipment will have a unique combination of Shard attributes that cannot be changed.

Dismantling Equipment

How to Use Shards?

Outriders Using Anomaly Shards
You can use Shards when you go into the Crafting menu. Each Shard affects a different aspect of your gameplay. The higher the level of your gear is, the more Shards will be needed to boost its attributes.

List of Shards

Anomaly Power Bonus Firepower Max Health
Long Range Damage Close Range Damage Crit Damage
Status Power Healing Received Armor Pierce
Weapon Life Leech Skill Life Leech Cooldown Reduction

What does Anomaly Power Affect?

Anomaly Power Shards not only increase your Anomaly Power Stat, it also increases the damage dealt by Melee, Skills, and Status Effects. It also adjusts your Skill Damage Bonus.

If you are going for an Anomaly Build, it is highly recommended that you invest in Anomaly Power Shards.

What does Bonus Firepower Affect?

As its name suggests, Bonus Firepower gives additional Firepower to augment your weapon damage.

If you are going for a Build that will rely more on weapon damage, it is highly recommended that you invest in Bonus Firepower Shards.

What does Max Health Affect?

Max Health Shards give your character more HP to last longer in battles.

If you are going for a tanky Build that can sustain more damage and last longer in battle, it is highly recommended that you invest in Max Health Shards.

What does Long Range Damage Affect?

This Shard adds bonus weapon damage on enemies targeted from more than 18 meters away.

It is more beneficial for players who are more adept at using with Sniper Rifles and Technomancers, because of their Healing Mechanic.

What does Close Range Damage Affect?

This Shard focuses on adding bonus weapon damage dealt on enemies targeted within 10 meters of your position.

Usually players, who are better suited with Assault Rifles and Shotguns, would gain more benefit in investing in this Shard as compared to its counterpart.

What does Crit Damage Affect?

This Shard enhances the amount of damage you deal when landing a critical hit. Of course, it is recommended that you pair this Shard with Mods that can enhance your Critical Hit Chance as well.

What does Status Power Affect?

Status Power Shards enhance the effectiveness and duration of Status Efffects. This Shard is more beneficial when dealing with enemies that have a lot of HP.

What does Healing Received Affect?

This bonus is added directly to Heals received with your Class' Healing Mechanic. It does not affect Leech nor Health Regeneration bonuses.

What does Armor Pierce Affect?

Armor Pierce increases the percentage of damage dealt against enemies with enhanced Armor.

What does Weapon Life Leech Affect?

Weapon Life Leech Shards enhance the amount of Health you receive when you successfully hit an enemy. Mods like Essence Thief, Soul Devourer, and Life Stock are mods that benefit from this Shard.

What does Skill Life Leech Affect?

Similar to Weapon Life Leech, affects how much Health you receive when you damage an enemy using a skill.

What does Cooldown Reduction Affect?

This Shard reduces the Global Cooldown of all skills. For reference, here is how much a 22% Cooldown Reduction can affect your cooldowns.

With a 22% Cooldown Reduction Shard:

It may not seem like much but even a few seconds is always crucial in a battle.

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