What Are Story Points?

Outriders - What Are Story Points?

This is a guide about Story Points in Outriders. Read on to learn more about the game's story quests and how long would it take to finish them all.

What Are Story Points?

Outriders - Timeline

Story Points are the game's story missions (Main Quests) that are broken into chapters based on key locations. As you progress through the main quest, Story Points will unlock in your timeline, which you can access in the lobby.

You can play through previously unlocked Story Points while keeping your character progress, XP, and items. According to the developers, playing through the main story (without completing any of the additional content) will take around 25-30 hours.

How Long is Outriders?

List of Story Points

NOTE: The following descriptions include some spoilers for the plot of Outriders. Read at your own risk!

Story Points Objectives
Prologue ● Get to the other side of the battlefield. (Carnage)
Rift Town ● Descend into the Hounds’ warehouse to save Jakub. (Reunion)
● Meet with Jakub and Shira at her command room.
● Confront the Altered at the Tower.
● Attend the debrief with Jakub and Shira at her command room.
● Speak with Jakub to leave for the First City.
First City ● Search the First City for Zahedi. (Dedication)
● Rescue Zahedi.
● Reach the other side of the river. (Salvation)
● Speak with Jakub to leave for Eagle Peaks.
Eagle Peaks ● Ask the ECA Captain how to reach the Radio Tower. (Inferno)
● Investigate the volcano’s peak.
● Break through the Insurgents’ stronghold. (Frequency)
● Speak with Jakub to continue to Deadrock Pass.
Deadrock Pass ● Explore the area and depart when ready. (Detour)
● Escort Marshal Bailey and her captive to Trench Town.
Trench Town ● Meet Grand Marshal Corrigan. (Mentor)
● Speak with Jakub to leave for the Wreckage Zone.
● Push back the Insurgents in No Man’s Land. (Onslaught)
● Talk to Jakub to continue to the Quarry.
Quarry ● Cross the swamps. (Expedition)
● Lower the outpost bridge so the convoy can enter the Quarry.
● Collect lithium for the filtration system.
● Travel to the Forest after preparing the trucks in the Quarry.
Forest Enclave ● Track down the Crysaloid. (Mayhem)
● Explore the forest and locate the old Outriders’ truck. (Asylum)
● Pursue Scurlock.
The Stronghold ● Rescue Zahedi. (Judgment)
● Fight your way out of the Stronghold.
● Talk to Jakub to continue through the Forest.
Ancient Ruins ● Set up a receiver above the canopy to retrace the signal. (Relics)
● Talk to Jakub to continue through the Forest.
The Gate ● Deal with Kang’s pursuing forces. (Retaliation)
● Clear a path forward. (Frontier)
● Find a way to pass through the Gate.
Dunes ● Search for shelter from the approaching sandstorm. (Beyond)
● Find the source of the distant light.
Utargak ● Search the village for your crew. (Bonds)
● Rescue your crew.
● Talk to Channa to continue through the Desert.
Desolate Fort ● Find shelter for your crew. (Echoes)
● Reach the Fort.
● Talk to Channa to continue through the Desert.
Canyon of the Grand Obelisk ● Venture into the canyon and investigate the area. (Sacrifice)
● Search for clues about what happened to the dead humans.
● Talk to Channa to continue through the Desert.
Pax City ● Investigate area. (Babylon)
● Uncover the history of Monroy and his people.
● Enter and investigate the Monroy’s Palace.
The Caravel ● Reach the Caravel. (Humanity)
● Defeat Yagak.
Outrider's Camp ● Called the Drop Pod Resources. (Outriders)

All Main Quests

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