Life's Treasure Quest Walkthrough

Outriders - Life
This is a walkthrough for Life's Treasure, a Side Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, as well as tips for completion!

Life's Treasure Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 17
Rewards 1x Selectable Rare Gear
500 EXP
Repeat Rewards 1x Loot Drop
Atta, an elderly woman in Trench Town, told you of a young couple she'd taken in from the streets, giving them food and shelter. But the couple, a young man and woman, took advantage of her. They stole a ring and pendant from her, then ran off. She asked you to retrieve what they stole.

How to Unlock Life's Treasure

After rescuing Zahedi during the Judgment main quest, head to Trench Town and talk to Atta Goldstein to start the side quest.

Life's Treasure Quest Walkthrough

Trench Town

Side Quest Icon.pngInvestigate the thieves' shelter in Trench Town.
Follow the marker leading to the thieves' shelter. Investigate it to find a letter.

The Stronghold

Side Quest Icon.pngSearch for the couple in the Forest.
Fast travel to The Stronghold and make your way to the Lumber Camp. Inspect the body near the fast travel point to retrieve a letter.
Side Quest Icon.pngLocate Daisy. → Clear the Area.
Fast travel to the Makeshift Crane and clear the area. Investigate the body to find a note.
Side Quest Icon.pngPush through the Swamps → Search the Remains.
Use the lift nearby to proceed to the next area. Reach the open area of the swamp immediately as you'll move slower on the water. Investigate the body in the area.
Side Quest Icon.pngClear the Rocks. → Push through the Swamps.
Clear the rocks nearby and fall back to the first area and wait for the enemies to come to you.
Side Quest Icon.pngClear the Area → Investigate the body.
Clear the debris and prepare for another fight. After eliminating the enemies, look for the body in the area and investigate it.

Trench Town

Side Quest Icon.pngHave a conversation with Atta.
Fast travel back to Trench Town and talk to Atta to complete the side quest.

Tips and Strategies

Fight the Brood Mother at a Distance

Outriders - Life

The Brood Mother uses Surge and Ground Spike when facing it at long-range. These attacks can be easily avoided, as long as you dodge to the sides.

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