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This is a page for the weapon Upgraded RAD 69 from Outriders. Learn about this weapon's stats, other useful info, as well as how to get the Upgraded RAD 69!

Upgraded RAD 69 Overview

General Info

Upgraded RAD 69
Outriders - Upgraded RAD 69
Rarity Rare
Firing Mode Auto
Variant Standard


Firepower Level
204 9
Clip Size 34 RPM 361
Damage 17 Reload Time 1.8s
Crit Multiplier 120% Accuracy 74%
Stability 82% Range 30m

Note that the stats shown here are the highest values that we have been able to confirm so far available to this weapon. These numbers may be updated in the future

How to Get the Upgraded RAD 69

Completing Wanted Quest Replays

Ujio will reward you with several weapons along with one Legendary weapon after capturing all the targets in replays of the Wanted Quest.

All Wanted Quests Guide

Expeditions Drop Pod Loot

This weapon can be one of the loot drops in the Drop Pods in Expeditions. Drop Pod Loots offer Rare, Epic, and Legendary items.

Expeditions Guide

Picked up from Enemies and Loot

Weapons are often dropped by enemies after defeating them, and can also be obtained by opening lootable chests found around the quest area.

Take note that a higher World Tier increases the chance of getting better weapons so make sure to adjust your World Tier!

World Tier Guide

Purchased from Vendors

Each weapon vendor has a pool of weapons that refreshes every 30 minutes. If the Upgraded RAD 69 is not present when visiting a weapon vendor, you'll have to wait for the list to refresh and see if Upgraded RAD 69 is included in the new list.

Take note that items from the shops in Outriders are randomized for every player.

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Weapon Types

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