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A tier list for the best classes in Outriders. Read on to see all 12 available class paths ranked, as well as their advantages and disadvantages over others!

Class Tier List Overview

S Tier (Top Tier Classes)
Reaver Vanquisher
A Tier (High Tier Classes)
Harbinger Warden
Pestilence Demolisher
B Tier (Mid Tier Classes)
Seismic Shifter Tech Shaman
Tempest Assassin
Ash Breaker
C Tier (Low Tier Classes)
Fire Storm

Class Tier List

S Tier (Top Tier Classes)

Reaver Reavers gain increased survivability the higher Anomaly Power they have. Their damage skills can both clear mobs and replenish health and shield within a short period, allowing for more carnage behind enemy lines.
Vanquisher Devastators are tanky regardless of what build you use. To make the most out of this, it's better to make your Deva weapon-based than skill-based so you can jump straight into the center of the battlefield and gun down everyone around you.

A Tier (High Tier Classes)

Harbinger Since Tricksters are close range fighters, they need to be a bit tanky to make use of their skill set and healing mechanic. Harbingers can fulfill the tank role and be a substitute for Devastators.
Warden The REAL tank in the game. Wardens maximize their defenses with their class tree nodes that increase both their health and health regeneration. You won't even need cover with this build, YOU are the cover.
Pestilence Pestilence is mostly a DPS Technomancer and since it has the highest Weapon and Skill Leech among the four classes, it just feels right to pick this build.
Demolisher Technomancer's Toxic attacks also damage enemies near the main target and you can make these more painful by increasing your Anomaly Power with the Demolisher build.

B Tier (Mid Tier Classes)

Seismic Shifter A mage-tank hybrid that can activate Impale's armor and health regeneration bonus more frequently.

Other skills can also greatly benefit from its high Anomaly Power and Skill Leech, just make sure you don't run out of skills to use or you'll be powerless.
Tempest Perfect build for Pyromancers. Reducing the cooldown and increasing the damage of their damage skills let them bombard crowds with ease.

Pair this build with Mods that inflict status effects to take down marked enemies much faster.
Assassin Assassins almost completely ignore their Anomaly Power and use their utility skills instead to go around shooting enemies like a "hit and run".

Be sure to equip Mods and Class Tree nodes that improves your movement skills for the full potential of this build.
Tech Shaman Tech Shaman builds can be placed on either A or C-tier depending on the situation.

This build works well in multiplayer as it helps the Technomancer survive for longer and support allies but isn't that effective when playing solo as you'll have to focus more on your damage output to utilize your healing mechanic.
Ash Breaker Making your Pyromancer weapon-based kinda wastes the bonus Anomaly Power and Skill Leech from its traits.

The good thing is you'll be using your skills mostly just to mark enemies where you can start shooting them down with your high-damaging weapons to receive healing.

C Tier (Low Tier Classes)

Fire Storm Pyromancers are supposed to be the mages of the game but with this build, you'll be a tank and won't be able to maximize your skill damage.

This build could be viable if you're playing solo as you can get easily surrounded by mobs but for co-op, try other Pyro builds instead.

Tier List Criteria

Ease of Use

Some class paths are strong but are difficult to master. Class traits, skill sets, and class tree builds should synergize with each other easily without having to put much effort and extra steps.

Crowd Control

Determines how well the class path performs against groups of enemies. This is important as you'll always get mobbed in fights and will need to take most of them out within the shortest possible time.

Healing Mechanic

Each unique healing mechanic for classes affect their usability and overall effectiveness. Class builds should also have an efficient way of triggering their healing abilities to increase survivability.


Class paths should also make the most out of their passive traits, either by fulfilling their role or by raising other stats to cover their weaknesses.

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Class Tier List

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