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Far Cry 6 is the latest open world FPS adventure in the popular Far Cry series, in which you'll fight to take back the island of Yara from the dictator Anton Castillo. From walkthroughs to tips and tricks, Game8 has everything you need to know about Far Cry 6!

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Quests and Walkthrough Maps and Locations Amigos
Tips and Tricks Weapons Gear
Supremos Camp Facilities Items and Materials
Animals Vehicles Characters
Message Boards News and Game Info About Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Quests and Walkthrough

Quests Focus Banner.png

Complete Story Walkthrough

Operation Walkthroughs

1 La Noche De La Muerte
Isla Santuario
2 The Lucky One
3 Juan of a Kind
4 Du or Die
5 Fire and Fury
6 Fuel the Revolution
7 Libertad Rises
8 The Guerrilla
Monteros Maximas El Este
9 Meet the Monteros Meet Maximas Matanzas Meet the Legends
10 Napoleon El Pequeño Balance the Books Take Your Medicine
11 Blood Ties Precious Cargo Pics or it Didn't Happen
12 Clear the Air Break the Chains The New Revolution
13 Second Son Re-Education Bullet Points
14 Packing Heat Hype Bomb National Treasure
15 Sundown Radio Libertad Knuckleball
16 Bury the Hatchet Guerrilla Radio Room Service
17 Death Warrant Firebrand Harpoon
18 Open Skies Bottle Episode Our Right to Party
19 Diesel Daisy Words Like Bullets Lion's Roar
20 Fly Ball Lost and Found Tourist Trap
21 Justicia Montero Intervention Weapon of Choice
22 - Surgical Extraction Surgical Strike
23 - Angel De La Muerte The Deported
24 Paradise Lost
25 Dead Drop
26 Against The Wall
27 The Lion's Den
28 The Battle of Esperanza

List of Operations (Main Quests)

Yaran Story Walkthroughs

Yaran Stories

Yaran Stories
Isla Santuario
1. Triada Blessings
2. Supremacy 3. Who's A Good Boy?
4. Fetch Quest 5. Spur of the Moment
6. Over Easy 7. Backseat Driver
8. Stealing Thunder 9. Heavy Metal
10. Model Citizen
Valle de Oro
11. Boom or Bust 12. Wing and a Prayer
13. Tanks for the Likes 14. Stealing Home
15. Shock Therapy 16. Big Papi in Little Yara
El Este
17. The First Love 18. The Seeds of Love
19. Man's Best Enemy 20. Pecking Orders
21. Wingman 22. Everything to Lose
23. Nothing to Hide 24. Undercover Stud
25. Tricks of the Trade 26. Loose Ends
27. Turn the Party 28. We're (Un)Jammin'
29. Paint the Town

Special Yaran Stories

Valle de Oro
Dani & Danny Vs Everybody -

List of Yaran Stories (Side Quests)

Treasure Hunt Walkthroughs

The Man and the Mongoose The Legend of La Princesa
Ida's Triada Relic Crocodile Tears
High Supply Cache Money
Valle de Oro
The Missing Muse And The Beat Goes On...
The Truest Yaran Sword-Crossed Lovers
Liquid Courage Oku's Triada Relic
El Este
A Rising Tide Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic
The Long Drop Sweet Fifteen
A Little Birdie Told Me Passing the Torch
Parting Gifts The Emerald Skull
The Last One To Leave

All Treasure Hunt Locations

All Other Story Guides

Other Story Guides
How to Open the Locked Door in Fort Quito Can You Capture Fort Quito?
How to Get the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key How to Use the Mysterious Key
GDP Oil Platform Container Puzzle Should You Kill or Spare McKay?

Far Cry 6 Maps and Locations

Far Cry 6 Maps and Locations Partial Banner.png

Far Cry 6 Map: Full World Map of Yara

All Maps and Locations

Map Feature Types
Collectibles Military Targets
Treasure Hunts Yaran Stories
Criptograma Chests & Charts Unique Weapons
Amigos Roosters
USB Sticks (Songs) Gran Premio Races
Bandido Leaders Hidden Histories
FND Caches and Libertad Crates Vehicle Props
Military Targets
FND Bases Anti-Aircraft Sites
Military Checkpoints Ambush Locations
Supply Drops (Recon Points) FND Convoys
Animal Maps
Hunting Spots Fishing Spots

Far Cry 6 Amigos

Amigos Focus Banner.png

List of Amigos (Companions)

All Amigos (Companions)

Far Cry 6 Guapo.pngGuapo Far Cry 6 Chorizo.pngChorizo Far Cry 6 Chicharron.pngChicharron
Far Cry 6 Boom Boom.pngBoom Boom Oluso.jpgOluso Far Cry 6 - K-9000.jpgK-9000
Far Cry 6 - Champagne.jpgChampagne

Far Cry 6 Tips and Tricks

Far Cry 6 Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.png

List of Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Guides

All Tips & Tricks
Character Customization Trophy Guide
Male or Female Protagonist? Difficulty Settings: Best Difficulty to Choose
How to Get the Secret Ending Bribe Guide: Bribe or Kill?
How to Use the Resolver Workbench Best Camp Facilities to Build and Upgrade
How to Redeem Pre-Order Bonuses: Libertad Pack All Ubisoft Connect Rewards and Challenges
How to Save the Game: Is Quick Save Available? Vehicle Pickup Points: How to Get Vehicles
Fishing Guide Wingsuit Guide: How to Get and Use
Can You Change Time of Day? Alpha Animal Locations
How to Raise Rank Fast: EXP Farming Lola's Black Market Guide
How to Destroy Anti-Aircraft Cannons 100% Clear and Post-Game Content Guide
Dominoes Location and How to Play All Endings Explained and How to Get
What to Sell and Trade in the Shop Cockfighting Guide: Best Roosters to Use
How to Get Into Anti-Aircraft Site Psi Best Amigos
Where to Get Ammo Which Resort is Paolo in?
Bandido Operations Guide Crypt Gate Key Guide
How to Fast Travel How to Win Gran Premio Races
How to Liberate Outposts How to Liberate Checkpoints
How to Liberate Airspaces Stealth Guide
How to Disarm Cameras How to Check Weaknesses
Farming Guides
How to Farm Pesos How to Farm Moneda
How to Get Depleted Uranium -
Arsenal Guides
Best Weapons Best Sniper Rifle
Best Supremos Best Resolver Weapons
Best Rocket Launchers Best Pistols
Best Gadget Mods Best Rifles
Best Shotguns Best Submachine Guns
Best Bow Best LMGs
Best Armor Sets and Builds Best Armor (Best Gear)
Best Amigos -
Trophy Guides
Jawson Brody Guide Road Rage Guide
Finders Keepers! Guide Toxic Influence Guide
Slip Sliding Away Guide Outdated Tech Guide
Stay Cool Guide Termination Phase Guide
Hidden Cash Guide Death From Above Guide
Heated Conflict Guide Not So Tough

Far Cry 6 Weapons

Far Cry 6 Weapons Banner.jpg

List of Weapons

Weapon Types

All Weapon Types
Rifles Shotguns SMGs
LMGs Sniper Rifles Resolver Weapons
Bows Launchers Pistols
Unique Weapons

Far Cry 6 Gear

Far Cry 6 Gear Banner.jpg

List of Gear

Gear Types

All Gear Types
Head Gear Chest Gear Wrist Gear
Leg Gear Foot Gear
Gear Sets

Far Cry 6 Supremos

Far Cry 6 Weapons Banner.jpg

List of Supremos

List of Supremos

Currently UnavailableExterminador Far Cry 6 - FantasmaFantasma Far Cry 6 - VoltaVolta
Far Cry 6 - FuriosoFurioso Far Cry 6 - MedicoMedico Far Cry 6 - GladiadorGladiador
Currently UnavailableTriador

Become a one man army and wreak havoc in the battlefield with these special weapons called Supremos!

Far Cry 6 Camp Facilities

Far Cry 6 Camp Facilities.jpg

All Camp Facilities and How to Unlock

List of Camp Facilities

All Camp Facilities
Hideout Network.jpgHideout Network Guerrilla Garrison.jpgGuerrilla Garrison
Fishing Hut.jpgFishing Hut La Cantina.jpgLa Cantina
Bandidos Barracks.jpgBandidos Barracks HunterHunter's Lodge
Best Camp Facilities

Improve your Guerrilla Camp by building Camp Facilities to unlock a wide array of bonuses that will empower the revolution!

Far Cry 6 Items and Materials

Far Cry 6 Items Banner.jpg

List of Items

Item Types

All Item Types
Resolver Materials Camp Resources
Tradables Miscellaneous

Far Cry 6 Animals

Far Cry 6 Animals and Wildlife Partial Banner.png

List of Animals and Wildlife

Animals and Wildlife Guides

All Animals and Wildlife
Mythical Animals Alpha Animals

Far Cry 6 Vehicles

Far Cry 6 - Vehicles Partial Banner

List of Vehicles


All Vehicles
Cars and Trucks Rides
Planes Helicopters
Boats Tanks

Ride Weapons and Armor

Weapons Armor and Countermeasures

Far Cry 6 Characters

Far Cry 6 Character Partial Banner.png

List of Main Characters

Main Character
Far Cry 6 Dani Rojas (Female, Square).pngDani Rojas
Far Cry 6 Anton Castillo (Square).pngAnton Castillo Far Cry 6 Diego Castillo (Square).pngDiego Castillo Far Cry 6 - Jose Castillo.pngJose Castillo
Far Cry 6 - Admiral Benitez.pngAdmiral Benitez Far Cry 6 - Maria Marquessa.pngMaria Marquessa Far Cry 6 - Sean McKay.pngSean McKay
Far Cry 6 - Edgar Reyes.pngDr. Edgar Reyes Far Cry 6 - Alejandro Montero.pngAlejandro Montero Far Cry 6 - Bembe Alvarez.pngBembe Alvarez
Far Cry 6 Clara Garcia (Square).pngClara Garcia Far Cry 6 Juan Cortez (Square).pngJuan Cortez -
Montero Clan
Far Cry 6 - Carlos Montero.pngCarlos Montero Far Cry 6 - Camila Montero.pngEspada Far Cry 6 - Philly Barzaga.pngPhilly Barzaga
Maximas Matanzas
Far Cry 6 - Talia Benavidez.pngTalia Benavidez Far Cry 6 - Paolo De la Vega.pngPaolo de la Vega Far Cry 6 - Bicho.pngBicho
The Legends of '67
Far Cry 6 - El Tigre.pngEl Tigre
Far Cry 6 - Lorenzo Canseco.pngLorenzo Canseco Far Cry 6 - Lucky Mama.pngLucky Mama
La Moral
Far Cry 6 - Yelena Morales.pngYelena Morales Far Cry 6 - Jonron.pngJonron -

Far Cry 6 Message Boards

Discuss your opinions of the game, strategies, and findings here! Yara is a big place to explore, so feel free to share your discoveries with the community!

Far Cry 6 Message Boards

Message Boards Top Page

Far Cry 6 - Discussion Board.pngDiscussion Board Far Cry 6 - Questions Board.pngQuestions Board
Spoilers/Secrets Board Suggestions Board
Co-op Search and Friend Request Board

Far Cry 6 News and Game Info

Far Cry 6 News and Game Info.png

Latest News for Far Cry 6

All News and Game Info Guides

News and Game Info Guides
Release Date New Features
Multiplayer Online Features
Special Editions Is Far Cry 6 a Sequel?
Trailers List of Voice Actors
How to Preorder System Requirements
Roadmap and Update Schedule List of DLCs
Preload Guide Release Time and Launch Countdown
Available Platforms and Consoles How to Fix Warm Up PSO Cache Error
All Error Codes and How to Fix Third Person Mode: Gameplay, Driving, and Cutscenes
Server Status: Is The Server Running? How to Enable HDR
How to Download HD Texture Pack PS5 and Xbox Series X Upgrade Guide
Best Settings Co-op Mode: How Many Players Can Join?
Secrets and Easter Eggs Game Length: How Long to Beat
Does Far Cry 6 Have a Map Editor Guide Weekly Insurgencies: Release Date and Rewards
Title Update 2 -

About Far Cry 6


Far Cry 6 Opening

Far Cry 6 is the latest entry into the Far Cry franchise. In Far Cry 6, you will be placed in Yara, a fictional country loosely based off of Cuba, and will be fighting to take back its freedom from its oppressive dictator, Anton Castillo. Take up arms and join the revolution!

As a main storyline game, you can expect Far Cry 6 to feature open worlds teeming with wildlife, enemies, and lore. How you play the game will depend on each player's style. Will you use deceit and tactics to sneak into the capital's defenses, or will you run in with guns blazing?

Product Information and Box Art

Far Cry 6 Box Art

Title Far Cry 6
Release Date October 7th, 2021
Price $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD
Platforms •XBox One
•Xbox Series X and S
•Microsoft Windows
•Google Stadia
•Amazon Luna
•Ubisoft Connect
Genre FPS
Developer / Publisher Ubisoft Toronto
Official Site Far Cry 6 Official Site

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