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How to Get the Plated Volunder Gauntlets: Stats and Upgrades

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This is a page for the Plated Volunder Gauntlets armor for Kratos in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn about this armor's stats, upgrades, effects, as well as how to get the Plated Volunder Gauntlets.

Plated Volunder Gauntlets Overview

Plated Volunder Gauntlets Basic Information

Plated Volunder Gauntlets
Rarity Rare
Description Sturdy defensive armor favoring VITALITY.
Effect None

Plated Volunder Set Pieces

Plated Volunder Set
Chest Wrist Waist
Plated Volunder Cuirass Plated Volunder Gauntlets Plated Volunder Waist Guard

Plated Volunder Gauntlets Stats and Upgrades

Plated Volunder Gauntlets Stats and Upgrades

Level 4
Stats Cost
7 Strength
27 Defense
9 Vitality
15400 Hacksilver

How to Get the Plated Volunder Gauntlets

Plated Volunder Gauntlets Location

Plated Volunder Gauntlets Location
Complete the Flight of Fafnir Quest
Crafting Cost 15400 Hacksilver

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