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Lunathorn - Weapon Information and How to Craft

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This is a guide for crafting the Lunathorn in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Find out all about this weapon's stats, Focus Attack, and what Scroll and Materials are needed to craft it!

Lunathorn - Weapon Information

Lunathorn Stats and Effects

Strength Focus Attack
57 Glanzshot

How to Craft the Lunathorn

Required Item List

Checkmark.pngHow to Get the Twilight Weapon Scroll

Checkmark.pngHow to Get Adamantite

Checkmark.pngHow to Get Scarletite

Checkmark.pngHow to Get Hard Shells

How to Get the Twilight Weapon Scroll

The Twilight Weapon scroll is one possible reward for completing the post-game dungeon Miasma Pit.

Miasma Pit Dungeon Walkthrough

How to Get Adamantite

Adamantite can be obtained from a treasure chest in the post-game dungeon Rainy Ruins. The treasure chest containing Adamantite can be found shortly after entering the dungeon so if you don't happen to get one just exit the dungeon and re-enter. Rinse and repeat for an effective way to farm Adamantite.

Adamantite Material - How to Get, Farm, and Craftable Items

How to Get Scarletite

Scarletite can be found as a random drop in the Miasma Pit dungeon from Ogres.

Scroll, Cost, and Required Materials

Blacksmiths Marr's Pass
Scroll Twilight Weapon
Materials Hard Shell x1
Adamantite x2
Scarletite x2
Price 65000

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