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Mysteries Locations

This is a guide to all the Mysteries locations, walkthroughs, and solutions in the game Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Read on to learn more about Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Mysteries and how to deal with them all!

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Mysteries

World Event Quest Walkthroughs

World Events.png

All World Events and Walkthroughs

Rygjafylke World Events
A Desperate Bounty A New England
Comb of Champions Old Man on the Edge
Raider Recruit The Dreamwalking Warrior
The Hunt for Honor The Plight of the Warlock
The Silver Tongued Traitor
Hordafylke World Events
Battle Born The Rekindling
Ledecestrescire World Events
A Skald's Lament Ledecestrescire Sauce
Of Fist-Dances and Sweaty Oaths Skal to Your Wealth
Sisters of the Axe The Last Leaf of Fall
The Old Guard The Stink-Brew
The Twit Saga, Part I The White Lady of Tamworth
Grantebridgescire World Events
The Cult of Saint Guthlac Degolas the Beautiful
Path to the Wind-Blue The Devout Troll
The Doom Book of Cats The Infinite Noise of Men
The Lord of Norsexe The Walloper
The Wound-Wands of Friends Winchell the Robesfree
East Anglia World Events
A Blood Hymn for Edmund Edmund's Arrows
Freyja's Friend Green Children of Anglia
Hide and Hunt Life-Blood
The Wayward
Oxenefordscire World Events
A Dog's Rescue Fishing Lesson
Nostalgia Permission to Weep
The Anchoress The Last Raid
Lunden World Events
Falling Stars Last Flight of the Gyldan Sparrow
The Demon Odor at the Tithe War of the Collectors
Sciropescire World Events
Bewitched King of the Hill
Lamb Chops Miracle
Otta, Son of Slugga Paola's Dream
The Puppeteer (Sciropescire)
Cent World Events
Madness of the Stones Pig of Prophecy
Red in Tooth and Claw The Lighthouse Twins
The Pardoner's Tale The Sky Thief
Winifred -
Lincolnscire World Events
King of Shitsby Little Victories
Stray Naps The False Ealdormancy
The Farewell Meow The Ignominious Bandit
The Twit Saga, Part II
Suthsexe World Events
A Prayer for Vengeance Aflanc the Terrible
Alisa in Wunderlandscire Eivor the Sheepdog
King of the Hay People Rock of Fertility
Tiny Black Market Will o' The Wisp
Essexe World Events
Devil's Hole Mother
Take Me a Husband The Banshee
The Boar with the Golden Nose The Gleewoman
The Prodigy The Riddler
Eurvicscire World Events
Art-Scop Crushed Dreams
Dellingr Rabbit Historia de Cordibus Pathetic
Sunken Hope The Village: Jurthgard
Jorvik World Events
Bridges of Oppression Deviled Water
Silver Wind Elder Warmth of Winter
Glowecestrescire World Events
Dearly Bee-Loved Lady of the Lake
The Body The Goddess of Birth
The Horn of Ragnar
Snotinghamscire World Events
A Cordial Invitation An Althing for the Half-Crown
An Efficient Cremation Stoneman
The Good Men of Sherwood The Myth in the Mountains
Wincestre World Events
Aelfred's Jewel Asser
Mildberg the Miracle Legs Romeo and Aethelflaed
Hamtunscire World Events
Saint Faith Splitting Hares
The Arrow in the Tree The Devil Has All The Best Tunes
We Are All Monsters
Asgard World Events
Food of the Gods Hel's Well
Milk of Humankind Njord's Lament
Noble Harts Valhalla Bound
Jotunheim World Events
Aegir's Daughters Pit of Slaughter
The Giants of Fimbulwinter The Puppeteer (Jotunheim)
Vinland World Events
A Dead Man's Tale Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts
Flight of Fancy Ursine Takeover

Animus Anomalies Walkthrough

Animus Anomaly Guides.png
All Animus Anomaly Locations and Guides

Ledecestrescire East Anglia
Oxenefordscire Sciropescire
Suthsexe Lincolnscire
Eurvicscire Snotinghamscire

Legendary Animal Locations

Legendary Animal Guides.png

All Legendary Animals Locations and Guides

Elk of Bloody Peaks Bear of the Blue Waters
Black Shuck The Corpse Feeders
Beast of the Hills Aelfred's Battle-Sow
Gemad-Wulf The Blood Swine
Wildcats of the Weald
Other Regions
Steinnbjorn O Yan Do' Ne
Black Stout (Wrath of the Druids DLC)

Cairn Solutions

Glowecestrescire Cairn.png

All Cairns Locations and Solutions

Ledecestrescire East Anglia
Sciropescire Suthsexe
Eurvicscire Glowecestrescire
Snotinghamscire Hamtunscire
Other Regions
Asgard Jotunheim

Fly Agaric (Mushroom Puzzle) Solutions

Fly Agaric Glowecestrescire Solution.png

All Fly Agaric Locations and Solutions

Rygjafylke Hordafylke
Ledecestrescire Grantebridgescire
East Anglia Oxenefordscire
Sciropescire Cent
Suthsexe Essexe
Lincolnscire Eurvicscire
Glowecestrescire Snotinghamscire

Standing Stones Guides


All Standing Stones Locations and Guides

Cosintun Lord and Lady
Seahenge Mycel Fold
Medeuuage Megaliths Rodestan Monolith
Rollendritch Devil's Quoits
Eorthburg Hlaw Aescforda Stones
Stonehenge Aveberie Megaliths
Other Regions

Flyting Walkthroughs

Manning Fighter of Wolves Flyting.png

All Flytings Locations and Answers

Alvis Manning, Fighter of Wolves
Fergal the Faceless Chadwick Monger of Gossip
Jungulf Lady Ellette of Colchester
Hogg the Burly Fenn the Wistful
Augusta the Cheerful Brother Quiescis
Ove the Scarred Stigr the Amorous
Hertha the Very High Borghild the Aleswife's Bane
Other Regions
Thor Ratatosk

Lost Drengr Locations

Thor the Fishmonger.png

All Ragnar's Lost Drengrs Locations and Strategies

Erik Loyalskull Orwig Neverdeath
Thor the Fishmonger Gotafrid Fairrobes
Nokkfylla Shine-Eye Skegjold Frenzy-Seeker
Ireland (Wrath of the Druids DLC)
Hogne Sea-Tossed Blud the Giant

Offering Altar Locations

All Offering Altar Locations

Cerneley Elisdon Altar
The Wroeken Walhdenu Altar
Saint Leonard's Altar Cedd's Stone
Dobby's Altar Nymdesfelda
Mam Tor Stone
Ymir's Altar
Ymir's Altar
Ireland (Wrath of the Druids DLC)
Skald's Rest Rathbride
Drumanone The Morrigan's Altar

Trials of the Morrigan Locations (Wrath of the Druids DLC)

All Trials of the Morrigan Locations.jpg

All Trials of the Morrigan Locations

All Mysteries Locations per Region

Rygjafylke Hordafylke
Ledecestrescire Grantebridgescire
East Anglia Lunden
Oxenefordscire Sciropescire
Cent Essexe
Suthsexe Lincolnscire
Jorvik Eurviscire
Glowecestrescire Snotinghamscire
Wincestre Hamtunscire
Other Regions
Vinland Asgard
Ireland (Wrath of the Druids DLC)
Dublin Meath
Connacht Ulster

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