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Trading Guide: All Trade Post Locations and Mechanics

This is a guide on Assassin's Creed Valhalla's (AC Valhalla) trading guide introduced in the Wrath of the Druids DLC. Read on to learn Ireland's trade contract mechanics, trade post locations, and more!

Trade Contracts

What are Trade Contracts?

Trade Contracts are special contracts you can fulfill from Azar's shop. These contracts can be fulfilled by trading specific quanitites of certain Irish Resources and reward you from items ranging from armor pieces to ship designs.

You also acquire Trade Post Supplies and increase Dublin Renown from fulfilled contracts. More lucrative Trade Contracts are unlocked as Dublin's Renown Level increases.

Irish Resources

What are Irish Resources?

Irish Resources are exclusive resources found and traded from Ireland. These can be acquired from chests scattered throughout the country.

Refer to the table below for all available Irish Resources:

Irish Resources
AssassinClothing AssassinTexts
AssassinDelicacies AssassinLuxuries

Aside from acquiring them from chests, claimed Trade Posts supply Dublin with Irish Resources at a regular rate as well — You can acquire these from Azar's chest just beside her stall in Dublin.

You can trade Irish Resources for Silver

Once Dublin reaches Renown Level 5, Azar will offer a repeatable Trade Contract. This particular Trade Contract offers a small amount of silver in exchange certain type of Irish Resource.

Trade Posts

What are Trade Posts?

Trade Posts are buildings across Ireland that, once claimed, can generate a specific kind of Irish Resource for Dublin. The generated Irish Resources are obtained from Azar's trade chest located beside her stall in Dublin.

Take note that Trade Posts do not generate resources while your game is off or whenever you're in a menu.

You can only claim Trade Posts once you complete the Rathdown Build Up quest.

Trade Post Buildings

Aside from the Trade Post's main building and pigeon coop, Trade Posts can be upgraded by restoring special buildings within them using Trade Post Supplies. Trade Post Supplies are obtained from Ireland's Abbeys, Trade Contracts, and Royal Demands.

Each of these buildings can improve the Trade Post's resource generation, storage capacity, or grant boons for Eivor.

A Trade Post can have a maximum of three additional buildings. Check the table below for all available Trade Post Buildings:

Building Req. Supplies Effect
Storehouse 100 Increases the capacity of Azar's loot chest in Dublin.
Supply Depot 70 Allows Eivor to restock on rations and arrows.
Worker's Cottage 220 Increases the production of the Trade Post's Irish Resource.
Raider Tent 140 Increases the reward obtained from Royal Demands within the Trade Post's region.

All Trade Post Locations

There are a total of seven Trade Posts in Ireland. You can start claiming these trade posts for Dublin as soon as you complete the Rathdown Build Up quest. Read on to know each of their locations in Ireland.

Trade Post Location Resource
Rathdown Located along Dublin's northern border. Clothing
Lisdurrow Located in Meath, east of Durrow. Texts
Drumlish Located in Meath, north of Knockfree. Clothing
Athlone Located near Connacht's southeast border. Delicacies
Port Auley Located along Connacht's northern bay. Luxuries
Dysert Located in Ulster's western peninsula, directly below Errigal Summit Texts
Ardmel Located in Ulster's eastern peninsula, east of Lough Beg Delicacies

How to Claim Trade Posts

Unclaimed Trade Post Claimed Trade Post
Assassin Assassin

Each Trade Post in Ireland has a corresponding quest which is unlocked once you enter the vicinity. These quests follow the format below:

  • Clear the area. Enemies can be anything from wolf packs to druids.
  • Search the trade post for clues about its deed. These are usually highlighted by Odin's Sight
  • Recover the trade post's deed.
  • Claim the trade post.

Once claimed, a trade post immediately starts generating its Irish Resource for Dublin. You can also start upgrading the trade post by erecting buildings using Trade Post Supplies.

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