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List of All Raven Skills

This is a page for all Raven Skills that can be unlocked in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to know more about each skill and maximize your potential as a true Assassin!

What are Raven Skills?

Raven Branch aligned skills are the yellow colored nodes that can be found on the left-most third of the skill tree. Purchasing these nodes bring skills and bonuses that count towards the improvement of stealth, assassinations, as well as the improvement of your use of the Hidden Blade.

Armor Bonuses

Raven Icon.png All Armor Sets
Mentor's Set
Magister's Set
Raven Clan Set
Hidden Ones' Set

Purchasing Way of the Raven nodes on the Raven Branch path of the skill tree brings armor bonuses to all Raven-aligned gear you have on you, consisting of exclusive bonuses to Attack, Stun, Critical Chance, Block, Armor, Evasion, and Weight.

List of All Raven Skills

Advanced Assassination.pngAdvanced Assassination Unlocks the ability to assassinate high-level targets with a timing-based attack.
Assassin Carry.pngAssassin Carry Hold R1 to automatically carry a body after a successful assassination.
Assassin Slide.pngAssassin Slide Hold O while sprinting to slide in to enemies and knock them off balance.
AssassinAssassin's Cantrip Following a successful parry, quickly press TRIANGLE to throw a smoke bomb at your feet and disappear.
Auto-Loot.pngAuto-Loot Loot an enemy automatically after a melee kill or a stealth takedown.
Backstab.pngBackstab Landing a blow directly on a enemy's back will inflict increased defense damage and cause them to stagger.
Breakfall.pngBreakfall Eivor automatically performs a roll when landing from a dangerous height, reducing the amount of damage taken.
Brush With Death.pngBrush With Death Dodging just before an attack lands grants you heightened senses, making others around you appear to move slower for a time.
Chain Assassination.pngChain Assassination After performing a successful assassination, throw an axe at a second NPC standing in close proximity.
Counter Roll.pngCounter Roll Dodge towards an enemy's Rune Attack just before it lands to vault directly behind him.
Explosive Corpse.pngExplosive Corpse Booby-trap a dead body to damage anyone who investigates it.
Hold R3 near a dead body to load it with explosive powder.
Guided Arrow.pngGuided Arrow Your memory with the Predator Bow allows you to perform unbelievable feats of accuracy. Press R1 to adjust the arrow's trajectory as it flies.
Intense Rage.pngIntense Rage Ignore hit interruptions while performing your next off-hand parry or special attack. This effect recharges after a few seconds.
Miasma.pngMiasma Enemies who die from one of your poison attacks will release a toxic cloud around them, infecting those who enter.
Missile Reversal.pngMissile Reversal Send it right back at 'em. Catch and throw back virtually any projectile to its sender by pressing L1 just before it hits you.
Mounted Archer.pngMounted Archer Eivor can use their bow abilities while mounted.
Predator Bow Combo.pngPredator Bow Combo Consecutive headshots with a Predator Bow deal extra damage.
RavenRaven's Loot Your raven gathers loot from targets killed with ranged attacks.

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