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Weapons Guide: List of All Weapons

This page is a list of all the weapons in the game Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to see the list of all weapons and learn how to get all the Legendary Weapons!

Weapon Stats Explained

Each weapon in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla comes with a set of stats and upgrades. These stats dictate how the weapon performs and the upgrades make it possible to increase these stats so that your weapon is better.


Attack dictates how strong this weapons attacks are. This is the most noticable stat, as the higher the attack the easier it is to kill enemies.


Speed is the average speed of all the moves and combos of the weapon. The higher the speed, the faster its moves come out, meaning you can do more attacks in a shorter amount of time.


Stun increases the stun damage your weapon deals, which lowers the defense of the enemy. It makes every hit after that more effective.

Critical Chance

Critical Chance is the chance to deal critical/bonus damage. Take note this is not a percentage, having a Crit stat of 100 doesn't mean every hit is a critical hit.


Weight determines how much stamina it takes to swing the weapon and dodge with it equipped. The higher the weight, the higher the stamina used.

Headshot (Bows)

The Headshot stat, only present in bows, determines how much damage you'll perform if you successfully hit an enemy's head with a ranged attack.

Block (Shields)

Unique to shields, the Block stat tells you how much stamina is used when blocking an attack with the shield.


Wolf Icon.pngWolf Raven Icon.pngRaven Bear Icon.pngBear

Each weapon in Assassin's Creed Valhalla has a particular alignment it is attuned to. These alignments are meant to make it easier for you to follow a particular playstyle.

Having these weapons on top of partial or full sets of armor pieces in a particular branch will allow for set bonuses for a deeper dive into a particular style of play.

To find out which of the weapons are the best in terms of stats, check out our Best Weapons guides down below!

Best Weapons Guides
Best Weapons: The Strongest Weapons and How to Get Them
Best Bows: Most Powerful Bows and Where to Get Them

How to Improve Weapons

There are two ways to improve weapons in AC: Valhalla: Upgrades and Enhancements.


Upgrades are incremental stat increases. Each tier only has a certain number of upgrade slots however, and getting upgrades does not have any aesthetic bearing on your weapon.


Assassin Assassin

Enhancements are cosmetic changes that don't directly affect stats, but they unlock more upgrade slots for weapons. You can tell the difference between enhanced weapons by their icon backgrounds as well.

Tier Name Background Color Number of Upgrades
Fine Black 2
Superior Orange 4
Flawless Blue 7
Mythical Yellow 10

Enhancing weapons costs Ingots and you must go to the smith in Ravensthorpe.

You can find enhanced weapons in chests that are already upgraded but not fully, but you cannot find Mythical weapons naturally aside from Legendary Weapons. To learn more about Legendary Weapons, check our guide down below!

Legendary Weapons | Where to Find Excalibur, Mjolnir, & Gungnir

List of All Weapons

List of One-Handed Weapons

List of One-Handed Weapons

Bearded Axes

VarinVarin's Axe Fyrd Axe Icon.pngFyrd Axe BrokkrBrokkr's Pride Raider Axe Icon.pngRaider Axe
HousecarlHousecarl's Axe


Hundtoth Icon.pngHundtoth Iberian Seax Icon.pngIberian Seax DokkalfarDokkalfar's Revenge Yngling Seax Icon.pngYngling Seax
LjosalfarLjosalfar's Glory Kopis Icon.pngKopis SuttungrSuttungr's Claw


SurtrSurtr's Mercy Iron-Star Icon.pngIron-Star Spinning-Death Icon.pngSpinning-Death SoldierSoldier's Flail


BlacksmithBlacksmith's Hammer Ohkwa:ri Club Icon.pngOhkwa:ri Club Mjolnir Icon.pngMjolnir War Hammer Icon.pngWar Hammer

Light Shields

Drekar Shield Icon.pngDrekar Shield Rus Shield Icon.pngRus Shield Spartan Shield Icon.pngSpartan Shield The MorriganThe Morrigan's Guard
Raven Clan Shield Icon.pngRaven Clan Shield Hrafn Guard Icon.pngHrafn Guard Shishi Guard Icon.pngShishi Guard Blodwulf Icon.pngBlodwulf
Briton Shield Icon.pngBriton Shield

Heavy Shields

Rune Shield Icon.pngRune Shield Saint GeorgeSaint George's Tower Shield Plank and Buckler Icon.pngPlank and Buckler Kite Shield Icon.pngKite Shield
Royal Guard Icon.pngRoyal Guard Oaken Kite Shield Icon.pngOaken Kite Shield Sarcophagus Shield Icon.pngSarcophagus Shield

List of Two-Handed Weapons

List of Two-Handed Weapons

Dane Axes

Battle Sparth Icon.pngBattle Sparth VordrVordr's Bite Sepulcher Axe Icon.pngSepulcher Axe AellaAella's Bardiche
Bone-Biter Icon.pngBone-Biter HemmingHemming's Axe LagerthaLagertha's Axe

Great Swords

Carolingian Longsword Icon.pngCarolingian Longsword Egyptian Khopesh Icon.pngEgyptian Khopesh Saint GeorgeSaint George's Holy Sword Excalibur Icon.pngExcalibur
Doppelhander Icon.pngDoppelhander


Gungnir Icon.pngGungnir Fyrd Spear Icon.pngFyrd Spear Cadfarch Spear Icon.pngCadfarch Spear Gae Bolg Icon.pngGae Bolg
Byzantine Spear Icon.pngByzantine Spear Anentaks Spear Icon.pngAnentaks Spear FafnirFafnir's Fang

List of Bows

List of Bows

Light Bows

SkadiSkadi's Wrath Death-Skald Icon.pngDeath-Skald Viper Bow Icon.pngViper Bow Norse Gael Bow Icon.pngNorse Gael Bow
Iron Cloud Icon.pngIron Cloud

Predator Bows

Bullseye Icon.pngBullseye Recurve Bow Icon.pngRecurve Bow ThrymThrym's Rage PetraPetra's Arc
Long Bow Icon.pngLong Bow Needler Icon.pngNeedler

Hunter Bows

Death-Speaker Icon.pngDeath-Speaker Icy Death Icon.pngIcy Death Hunnish Bow Icon.pngHunnish Bow Arc of Elan Icon.pngArc of Elan
Ona:kara Bow Icon.pngOna:kara Bow Sagittarius Bow Icon.pngSagittarius Bow

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