Assassin's Creed Valhalla

River Raids Maps and Locations

This is a guide to the maps of Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla)'s River Raid mode. Read more to see the full maps and learn about the types of locations you will encounter.

River Raid Maps

River Exe

River Severn

River Dee

How to Unlock River Dee

River Raid Locations

Civilian Locations

AC Valhalla Civilian locations River Raids
Civilian locations contain minimal defenses, but they contain large chests that contain Rations for Eivor and their accompanying Jomsvikings.

Rations, aside from healing Eivor, allows Eivor to revive downed Jomsvikings, and it allows Jomsviklings to heal themselves and revive each other.

Military Outposts

AC Valhala Military Outposts River Raids
Military Outposts come in varying sizes, but are more defended than Civilian locations. Marked by red flags, Military Locations contain Foreign Supplies, as well as possibly containing Gear for bigger bases.


AC Valhala Monasteries River Raids.png
Monasteries, shown flying white banners with a yellow cross, are similarly defended to Military Outposts, and they also contain Foreign Supplies.

However, they also can contain a plethora of other possible treasures like Books of Knowledge, and River Raid Clues.

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