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This page is about the Legendary Animals in the game Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Read on to learn more where they are located and strategies on how to beat them.

What are Legendary Animals

Legendary Animals are representations of mythological creatures which can be found across the lands of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. These serve as boss fights for the player to do and rewards the player will skill points for every successful fight.

Legendary Animal Locations

Elk of Bloody Peaks

Elk of Bloody Peaks.png

Map Location
Elk of Bloody Peaks As its name suggests, the Elk can be found at the peak of a mountain. Slightly west of Fornburg in Rygjafylke, you will find a mountain with a pond at its top. Climb the mountain and meet the Elk there for battle.

Black Shuck

Black Shuck.png

Map Location
Black Shuck Black Shuck can be found east of Sutton Hoo, in a temple just across the river from where Sutton Hoo is, in East Anglia.

The Corpse Feeders

Corpse Feeders.png

Map Location
The Corpse Feeders The Corpse Feeders can be found in an abandoned town northeast of Buckingham. You can simpy follow the road east from the city and enter the square where the wolves are at to begin.

Beast of the Hills

Beast of the Hills.png

Map Location
Beast of the Hills Southwest of Quatford, across the river you'll find the Uriconium Ruins. The opening to a large pathway beneath the mountain is to the west of the ruins leading all the way up to the beast.

Aelfred's Battle-Sow


Map Location
Aelfred's Battle-Sow The Battle-Sow can be found southwest of Croindene and east of the island Briggsworth. The beast is inside of a low stone wall surrounding a couple of bulls.



Map Location
Gemad-Wulf Located inside of a large square in a ruin south of the Humbre River, entering the location quickly begins the fight against this wolf.

The Blood Swine

Blood Swine.png

Map Location
The Blood Swine North of Snotingham, within a marshland near the banks of the river Dubras.

Wildcats of the Weald

Wildcats of the Wild.png

Map Location
Wildcats of the Weald You can find the arena to this Legendary Animal southwest of Wincestre, just across the Afon River.

Bear of the Blue Waters

Bear of the Blue Waters.png

Map Location
Bear of the Blue Waters The bear can be found on a solitary island in central Hordafylke. It's the island with patches of water in the middle and shiprecks nearby.



Map Location
Steinnbjorn Steinnbjorn can be found just north of the Serpent's Tree in Jotunheim. The arena in which you fight this beast is raised up above ground level.

O Yan Do' Ne

O Yan Do Ne.png

Map Location
O Yan Do' Ne West of Kahrhakaiòn:ne near where 4 rivers meet.
The arena itself is a flat cliffside where you have to battle the red-antlered moose.

Black Stout (Wrath of the Druids DLC)

Black Stout

Map Location
Black Stout Find this giant boar south of Clogher, in an abandoned camp in the northeastern corner of Connacht. The area is called Black Pig's Dyke.

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