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Can You Go Back to Norway

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This is a guide on how to go back to Norway and travel to other regions in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla). If you want to know how to go back to regions you haven't fully explored yet, read on!

Can You Go Back to Norway?

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Towards the end of the game's prologue, you will find yourself travelling to England in the company of people that wish to leave Fornburg.

But at this point in the game, it's quite impossible to explore everything that Norway has to offer, and thankfully, the game allows you to come back later.

Going Back to Norway

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When you first step foot on England, the ability to go back to Norway doesn't unlock until after you have set up your settlement. After this, you're free to travel between regions as you wish.

To do so, you must make use of the Atlas.

The Atlas

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The Atlas shows you all of the regions that you currently have access to. Regions are unlocked by playing through the game.

To open the Atlas, you must open your World Map and press the 'Triangle' button on your controller. This brings up the region menu, where you can pick which region you wish to go to.

Note: You cannot go to special regions such as Asgard nor leave from them by way of the Atlas.

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