Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Best Weapons: The Strongest Weapons and How to Get Them


This is a guide to the best weapons that can be found in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to find out the stats for each of the strongest weapons, stats and where you can find them to gain the power to defeat the toughest foes!

The Best Weapons in AC Valhalla

Best One-Handed Weapons

Varin's Axe

Type Bearded Axe Align Bear Icon.pngBear
Atk 60 Spd 48
Stn 60 Crit 49
Wgt 12
Rune Slots 0 Upgrades 2
Increases Speed after each hit

These stats are of Base Level (Power 1 Eivor)

How to Get Varin's Axe
Region Rygajfylke
Location Found after freeing your clan in the longhouse

While it is a basic weapon to start out with, Varin's Axe can hold its own against some of the tougher mid to late game enemies that you'll encounter in the game. In fact, despite losing out on stats with some of the other one-handed weapons you have available to you, this axe can still carry you through to the end game if you choose to do so.

It's a free weapon you'll receive as you progress the story, with good mid-tier stats once you upgrade it.

Varin's Axe Stats and Location

Soldier's Flail

Type Flail Align Wolf Icon.pngWolf
Atk 96 Spd 42
Stn 87 Crit 57
Wgt 12
Rune Slots 2 Upgrades 7
Increase Speed when full Health

These stats are of Base Level (Power 1 Eivor)

How to Get Soldier's Flail
Region Hamtunscire
Location Chepeham

Soldier's Flail is an extremely good weapon to have sitting beside Varin's Axe in a dual-wield build. It has fast speed, increased whenever you have full health. This when dual wielded with Varin's Axe helps to make fighting against slow but heavy hitting foes an easier task due to the combined power and speed of the two weapons.

On its own, Soldier's Flail brings good upgraded stats and speeds to the table unmatched by any other weapon of its kind.

Soldier's Flail Stats and Location

Best Two-Handed Weapons

Sepulcher Axe

Sepulcher Axe Icon.png
Type Dane Axe Align Raven Icon.pngRaven
Atk 61 Spd 37
Stn 56 Crit 43
Wgt 17
Rune Slots 0 Upgrades 2
Ignite your weapon after critical hits

These stats are of Base Level (Power 1 Eivor)

How to Get Sepulcher Axe
Region Ledecestre
Location Offchurch

Despite not having very good baseline stats when you first acquire this weapon, the Sepulcher Axe more than makes up for its shortcomings by being one of the faster weapons that you can have in your arsenal. Its ability to ignite your weapons after critical hits is also a good bonus to have when fighting against groups, whereas its more than serviceable damage once upgraded can more than keep up with the mid to late game enemies you encounter.

Sepulcher Axe Stats and Location

Fyrd Spear

Fyrd Spear Icon.png
Type Spear Align Raven Icon.pngRaven
Atk 41 Spd 55
Stn 25 Crit 64
Wgt 15
Rune Slots 0 Upgrades 2
Increase Speed when Dodging

These stats are of Base Level (Power 1 Eivor)

How to Get Fyrd Spear
Region Ledecestrescire
Location Offchurch

When paired with the skill Brush with Death, the time slowing ability of that skill with the movement speed increase created by this weapon when dodging can allow players to routinely dance around their enemies with ease. Although, similar to the Sepulcher Axe with having weak base stats, its upgraded stats coupled with its great length and speed, as well as its combination with the Brush with Death skill makes the Fyrd Spear one of the best weapons there is in the game.

Fyrd Spear Stats and Location

Legendary Weapons


Legendary Weapons are end-game items with the best stats and weapon effects and are, without a doubt, the most powerful weapons that you can use in the game. Although they become available later on in your game where a good majority of the things to do are accomplished, they are nonetheless peerless in their stats.

Managing to get even just one of the three weapons however – Excalibur, Mjolnir, or Gungnir – is no easy task, one requiring skill and patience both as you are pit against some of the best and worst foes and challenges the game has to offer.

Where to Find Excalibur, Mjolnir, & Gungnir

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