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Hordafylke Animus Anomaly Guide

This is a guide for the Animus Anomaly Mystery located in Hordafylke in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn the exact location of the Animus Anomaly and how to solve the puzzle.

Hordafylke Anomaly Location

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You can find this Animus Anomaly Mystery north from Torghatten Rock in the southeast part of the Hordafylke. Hordafylke is in the northern part of Norway.

Hordafylke Animus Anomaly Walkthrough

No. Objectives Guide
1 Explore Anomaly Explore the anomaly to start the mystery quest. You will have to collect the data packet at the end to finish it.
2 Move from left to right Make sure to move from left to right at the start to avoid touching the moving Hazards in the area. Watch the Hazards as they move to get the timing and to get to the next part quickly.
3 Reposition the Projector Move the light beam to hit the unstable platform. It will stabilize the platform and you'll be able to walk from it.
4 Go to the furthest Projector Go to the first projector in the area and point it towards the unstable platform. You should wait for it to go to the gap near the other projector and stabilize it there.

Go to the second projector now and project the light beam to the other unstable platform to make a bridge.
5 Reposition the First Projector Head back to the first projector and point it to the unstable platform once it lines up to the platform on the left side. It will make a path to the next part.
6 Fast-moving Hazards There are two fast moving Hazards in this area, so be sure to move from left to right (or right to left) to evade them.
Stop in the middle You can stop from the middle by climbing one of the platforms there. Take that chance to let the hazards pass and move to the next area.
7 Move the Projector on the top right side Go to the projector on the right side. Wait for the unstable platform to line up on the top right side and point the projector to make a way. Proceed to the next area after that.
8 Wave-like Hazard There will be a wave-like hazard that'll come in your way on the last part. Right after it disappears, rush through one of the pillars in there and climb it. Climb down once the hazard passes again and collect the data packet.

A short cutscene will play after getting the data, and that will complete the mystery.

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