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Stigr the Amorous Flyting Walkthrough

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This page is a walkthrough for Stigr' the Amorous' Flyting Challenge in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn the right answers against him in Flyting!

IMPORTANT: Stigr the Amorous is one of the characters in Assassin's Creed Valhalla with a romantice option! Complete his Flyting Challenge to unlock his romance opportunity.

Stigr the Amorous Flyting Location

Stigr is located near Hemthorpe's longhouse, in the region of Snotinghamscire.

Stigr the Amorous Flyting Location

Verse Answer
"What know you of the power of flyts to seduce? Are you even aware that they have such a use? See, your weapon lies not in your belt, but your head."
Yes, with words I'll ensnare you and put you to bed.
"I could feel when you entered, the room became warm. Though I doubted your flyting, I quite liked your form. On your every word, I can say that I'm hung."
I'm as good with my lips as I am with my tongue.
"I could flyt more sweet nothings inside of your ear. Though I warn you they're some of the lewdest you'll hear. But instead of just telling, I'll happily show."
While I doubt you can take me, I'll give you a go.

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