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This is a guide for the Ledecestrescire Animus Anomaly in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Read on to know the solution for this Animus Anomaly!

Ledecestrescire Anomaly Location

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The anomaly is just to the southwest of Ragnarsson Lookout, next to a flickering tree. This is the closes anomaly there is around the world to your settlement in Ravensthorpe.

Ledecestrescire Animus Anomaly Walkthrough

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No. Objective Guide
1 Interact with the anomaly.
2 Climb up to the first platform.

Manipulate the beam to target the unstable platform on the other side.
3 Climb up the pillar.
4 You have to direct the two beams on top of the two platforms to the unstable ones in the middle
5 Cross over the platforms to the other side.
6 Point the beam of the one on the right to the orb of the beam on top of the platform.
7 Move to the one on the left and target its beam to the unstable platform in the middle.

Climb up the platform of the third beam and direct it to hit the other unstable platform.
8 At the top, move to the beam on the left and direct it to hit the platform.
9 Go to the beam in the middle and direct it to hit one of the unstable platforms.
10 Go back to the first beam and use it to hit the other unstable platform.

Climb up the platforms and claim the anomaly.

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