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Armor Guide: List of All Armor Sets

This page is a list of all the armor sets in the game Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Read on to see the list of the armor sets and their individual armor pieces, and learn the locations of each armor piece and how to get them.

Armor Stats Explanation

Armors have a series of stats and effects that have different meanings.


Armor reduces overall damage taken, so the higher the Armor stat, the less damage you take.


Evasion is a stat that heightens your chance of greatly reducing damage taken.

Light Resistance

Light Resistance determines the damage taken from light hits. Higher resistance means less damage taken from light hits.

Heavy Resistance

Heavy Resistance determines the damage taken from heavy hits. Higher resistance means less damage taken from heavy hits.


Weight determines how much stamina it takes to dodge while equipping that armor piece. The higher the weight, the more stamina used.

How to Improve Armor

There are two ways to improve armor in AC: Valhalla: Upgrades and Enhancements.


AC Valhalla Weapon Upgrades.jpg
Upgrades are incremental stat increases. Each tier only has a certain number of upgrade slots however, and getting upgrades does not have any aesthetic bearing on your armor.


AC Valhalla Enhancement.png AC Valhalla Enhancement1.jpg

Enhancements are cosmetic changes that don't directly affect stats, but they unlock more upgrade slots for armor. You can tell the difference between enhanced armors by their icon backgrounds as well.

Tier Name Background Color Number of Upgrades
Fine Black 2
Superior Orange 4
Flawless Blue 7
Mythical Yellow 10

Enhancing armor costs Ingots and you must go to the smith in Ravensthorpe.

List of All Armor Sets

Full List Per Armor Piece

Armor Pieces
AC Valhalla Torso Armor.pngTorsos AC Valhalla Pants Armor.pngPants AC Valhalla Helmet Armor.jpgHelmets
AC Valhalla Cloak Armor.pngCloaks AC Valhalla Bracers Armor.pngBracers

Raven Clan Set

Raven Clan Set
Raven Clan ArmorRaven Clan Armor Raven Clan BreechesRaven Clan Breeches Raven Clan HelmetRaven Clan Helmet
Raven Clan CloakRaven Clan Cloak Raven Clan BracersRaven Clan Bracers

Huntsman Set

Huntsman Set
Huntsman ArmorHuntsman Armor Huntsman BreechesHuntsman Breeches Huntsman HelmHuntsman Helm
Huntsman CloakHuntsman Cloak Huntsman VambracesHuntsman Vambraces

Wayland's Armor Set

Wayland's Armor Set
WaylandWayland's Torso WaylandWayland's Pants WaylandWayland's Helmet
WaylandWayland's Disguise WaylandWayland's Bracers

Hidden Ones Set

Hidden Ones Set
Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Robes Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Leggings Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Mask
Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Hood Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Gloves

Magister's Set

Magister's Set
MagisterMagister's Robes MagisterMagister's Trousers MagisterMagister's Mask
MagisterMagister's Cloak MagisterMagister's Vambraces

Galloglach Set

Galloglach Set
Galloglach ArmorGalloglach Armor Galloglach TrousersGalloglach Trousers Galloglach HelmGalloglach Helm
Galloglach CapeGalloglach Cape Galloglach BracersGalloglach Bracers

Mentor's Set

Mentor's Set
MentorMentor's Robes MentorMentor's Trousers MentorMentor's Mask
MentorMentor's Cloak MentorMentor's Vambrace

Brigandine Set

Brigandine Set
Brigandine ArmorBrigandine Armor Brigandine TrousersBrigandine Trousers Brigandine HelmBrigandine Helm
Brigandine CapeBrigandine Cape Brigandine GauntletsBrigandine Gauntlets

Thegn Set

Thegn Set
ThegnThegn's Heavy Tunic ThegnThegn's Breeches ThegnThegn's Great Helm
ThegnThegn's Cloak ThegnThegn's Bracers

Thor's Set

Thor's Set
ThorThor's Breeches ThorThor's Gauntlets ThorThor's Battle Plate
ThorThor's Helmet ThorThor's Cape

Arenhare'ko:wa Set

Arenhare'ko:wa Set
ArenhareArenhare'ko:wa Outfit ArenhareArenhare'ko:wa Pants ArenhareArenhare'ko:wa Headgear
ArenhareArenhare'ko:wa Cloak ArenhareArenhare'ko:wa Bracers

Saint George's Set

Saint George's Set
Saint GeorgeSaint George's Armor Saint GeorgeSaint George's Trousers Saint GeorgeSaint George's Great Helm
Saint GeorgeSaint George's Cape Saint GeorgeSaint George's Bracers

Celtic Armor Set

Celtic Armor Set
Celtic ArmorCeltic Armor Celtic BreechesCeltic Breeches Celtic HelmetCeltic Helmet
Celtic CloakCeltic Cloak Celtic BracersCeltic Bracers

Druidic Armor Set

Druidic Armor Set
Druidic ArmorDruidic Armor Druidic BreechesDruidic Breeches Druidic HelmetDruidic Helmet
Druidic CloakDruidic Cloak Druidic BracersDruidic Bracers

Dublin Champion Armor Set

Dublin Champion Armor Set
Dublin Champion ArmorDublin Champion Armor Dublin Champion BreechesDublin Champion Breeches Dublin Champion HelmetDublin Champion Helmet
Dublin Champion CloakDublin Champion Cloak Dublin Champion BracersDublin Champion Bracers

Iberian Armor Set

Iberian Armor Set
Iberian ArmorIberian Armor Iberian BreechesIberian Breeches Iberian HelmetIberian Helmet
Iberian CloakIberian Cloak Iberian BracersIberian Bracers

Egyptian Armor Set

Egyptian Armor Set
Egyptian ArmorEgyptian Armor Egyptian BreechesEgyptian Breeches Egyptian HelmetEgyptian Helmet
Egyptian CloakEgyptian Cloak Egyptian BracersEgyptian Bracers

Rus Armor Set

Rus Armor Set
Rus ArmorRus Armor Rus BreechesRus Breeches Rus HelmetRus Helmet
Rus CloakRus Cloak Rus BracersRus Bracers

Byzantine Armor Set

Byzantine Armor Set
Byzantine Greek ArmorByzantine Greek Armor Byzantine Greek BreechesByzantine Greek Breeches Byzantine Greek HelmetByzantine Greek Helmet
Byzantine Greek CloakByzantine Greek Cloak Byzantine Greek BracersByzantine Greek Bracers

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