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All Flytings Locations and Answers

This page is about the Flytings in the game Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Read on to learn more where you can flyt and the answers to the flyting.

Flyting Locations


Alvis Flyting.png

Map Location
Alvis Alvis can be found in Fornburg, where you have to head to soon after rescuing your crew in the beginning of the game.

Alvis Flyting Walkthrough

Manning, Fighter of Wolves

Manning Fighter of Wolves Flyting.png

Map Location
Manning Fighter of Wolves Manning can be found by the docks in Stavanger. He can be seen talking to another man.

Manning, Fighter of Wolves Flyting Walkthrough


Jungulf Flyting.png

Map Location
Jungulf Jungulf can be found in Repton's shipyard on the northern side.

Jungulf Flyting Walkthrough

Fergal the Faceless

Fergal the Faceless Flyting.png

Map Location
Fergal the Faceless Fergal can be found in near the southeastern portion of Grantebridgescire's wall. Speak to the woman beside a peculiar house to begin.

Fergal the Faceless Flyting Walkthrough

Chadwick, Monger of Gossip

Chadwick Monger of Gossip Flyting.png

Map Location
Chadwick Monger of Gossip Chadwick can be found on the northern side of Northwic, by the river.

Chadwick Monger of Gossip Flyting Walkthrough

Hogg the Burly

Hogg the Burly Flyting.png

Map Location
Hogg the Burly Hogg is located at a farm along the border between Oxenfordscire and Glowecestrescire.

Hogg the Burly Flyting Walkthrough

Augusta the Cheerful

Augusta the Cheerful Flyting.png

Map Location
Augusta the Cheerful Augusta can be found outside a house in southwestern Lunden.

Augusta the Cheerful Flyting Walkthrough

Ove the Scarred

Ove the Scarred Flyting.png

Map Location
Ove the Scarred Ove is located across the river from Quatford in Sciropescire.

Ove the Scarred Flyting Walkthrough

Brother Quiescis

Brother Quiescis Flyting.png

Map Location
Brother Quiescis Quiescis can be found standing outside a small building with Acolyte Alwin in Canterbury. Alwin will act as Quiescis' proxy since the latter is apparently a mute.

Brother Quiescis Flyting Walkthrough

Lady Ellette of Colchester

Lady Ellette of Colchester Flyting.png

Map Location
Lady Ellette of Colchester Lady Ellette is located in the city of Colcestre. Speak with her servant to begin.

Lady Ellette of Colchester Flyting Walkthrough

Borghild the Aleswife's Bane

Borghild the Aleswife

Map Location
Borghild the Aleswifes Bane Borghild can be found in the town of Picheringa, Eurvicscire.

Borghild the Aleswife's Bane Flyting Walkthrough

Hertha the Very High

Hertha the Very High.png

Map Location
Hertha the Very High Hertha is located near Jorvik's northern synchronization point. Interact with the barrel to begin the flyt.

Hertha the Very High Flyting Walkthrough

Stigr the Amorous

Stigr the Amorous Flyting.png

Map Location
Stigr the Amorous Stigr is located near Hemthorpe's longhouse, in the region of Snotinghamscire.

Stigr the Amorous Flyting Walkthrough


Thor Flyting.png

Map Location
Thor Flyting Thor is located across a cliff south of Ivaldi's Forge in Asgard. Interact with the indicated spot on the cliff to begin the challenge.

Thor Flyting Walkthrough


Ratatosk Flyting.png

Map Location
Ratatosk Ratatosk is located in the enchanted forest northwest of Aegir's Hall in Jotunheim.

Ratatosk Flyting Walkthrough

Fenn the Wistful

Fenn the Wistful Flyting.png

Map Location
Fenn the Wistful Fenn can be found just north of Wincestre, accompanied by two others on a farm.

Fenn the Wistful Flyting Walkthrough

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