List of One-Handed Weapons | Assassin's Creed Valhalla

This is the list of all One-Handed weapons in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to find out all of the One-Handed weapon types and each of the weapons there.

List of One-Handed Weapons

Bearded Axe

BearVarinVarin's Axe Atk Spd Stun
60 48 60
Crit Wgt
49 12
Skill: Increases Speed after each hit
BearFyrd AxeFyrd Axe Atk Spd Stun
67 47 66
Crit Wgt
51 12
Skill: Increase Critical Damage when low health
RavenRaider AxeRaider Axe Atk Spd Stun
46 54 45
Crit Wgt
47 10
Skill: Increase Heavy Damage after each light hit [up to six times]
WolfHousecarlHousecarl's Axe Atk Spd Stun
50 50 50
Crit Wgt
47 11
Skill: Increase Attack after each hit [up to 10 times]


BearHundtothHundtoth Atk Spd Stun
40 70 30
Crit Wgt
64 11
Skill: Increase Critical Chance when low Health
RavenYngling SeaxYngling Seax Atk Spd Stun
30 80 30
Crit Wgt
64 10
Skill: Increase Melee Damage after a Dodge
RavenKopisKopis Atk Spd Stun
49 79 47
Crit Wgt
70 10
Skill: Restore a low amount of Health for each Critical Hit
WolfSuttungrSuttungr's Claw Atk Spd Stun
47 75 46
Crit Wgt
68 10
Skill: Increase Critical Damage after each hit [up to 10 times]


BearIron-StarIron-Star Atk Spd Stun
70 38 65
Crit Wgt
46 13
Skill: Increase Attack after a Heavy Finisher
RavenSpinning-DeathSpinning-Death Atk Spd Stun
72 46 66
Crit Wgt
50 11
Skill: Heavy Finishers have a chance to drop a Fire Bomb
WolfSoldierSoldier's Flail Atk Spd Stun
96 42 87
Crit Wgt
57 12
Skill: Increase Speed when full Health


BearBlacksmithBlacksmith's Hammer Atk Spd Stun
64 44 73
Crit Wgt
57 14
Skill: Heavy Critial Hits knock enemies on the ground
BearOhkwa:ri ClubOhkwa:ri Club Atk Spd Stun
58 44 65
Crit Wgt
55 14
Skill: Increase Attack after a combo finisher [up to 5 times]
BearMjolnirMjolnir Atk Spd Stun
96 43 102
Crit Wgt
68 14
Skill: Every hit has a chance to do Stun Damage to all enemies around
RavenWar HammerWar Hammer Atk Spd Stun
49 51 69
Crit Wgt
58 12
Skill: Increases Heavy Damage after a Heavy Finisher [up to 5 times]

Light Shields

BearDrekar ShieldDrekar Shield Atk Spd Stun
86 43 87
Crit Blk Wgt
55 86 16
Skill: Restore some Health after blocking 5 times
BearSpartan ShieldSpartan Shield Atk Spd Stun
68 42 71
Crit Blk Wgt
48 60 16
Skill: Increase Attack after a Shield Block
RavenThe MorriganThe Morrigan's Guard Atk Spd Stun
70 50 82
Crit Blk Wgt
53 67 13
Skill: Chance of Poison Cloud on parry
RavenRaven Clan ShieldRaven Clan Shield Atk Spd Stun
45 51 60
Crit Blk Wgt
44 33 13
Skill: Blocking temporarily increases Light Damage
RavenHrafn GuardHrafn Guard Atk Spd Stun
47 49 60
Crit Blk Wgt
44 35 13
Skill: Increase Speed when blocking [up to 5 times]
WolfShishi GuardShishi Guard Atk Spd Stun
65 47 85
Crit Blk Wgt
51 60 13
Skill: Detonate a Sleep Bomb after blocking 5 times
WolfBlodwulfBlodwulf Atk Spd Stun
49 48 60
Crit Blk Wgt
44 37 14
Skill: Chance to ignite your weapon on parry
WolfBriton ShieldBriton Shield Atk Spd Stun
57 46 65
Crit Blk Wgt
46 47 14
Skill: Restore some Health on parry

Heavy Shields

BearRune ShieldRune Shield Atk Spd Stun
74 23 74
Crit Blk Wgt
40 77 20
Skill: Increase Ability Damage when close to Full Health
BearPlank and BucklerPlank and Buckler Atk Spd Stun
81 22 80
Crit Blk Wgt
42 86 20
Skill: Increase Heavy Damage when parrying
BearKite ShieldKite Shield Atk Spd Stun
74 23 74
Crit Blk Wgt
40 77 20
Skill: Increase Heavy Damage based on how long you hold the block stance
RavenRoyal GuardRoyal Guard Atk Spd Stun
72 29 75
Crit Blk Wgt
42 77 18
Skill: Increase Heavy Damage when blocking
RavenOaken Kite ShieldOaken Kite Shield Atk Spd Stun
77 30 81
Crit Blk Wgt
44 84 18
Skill: Increase Ranged Damage when blocking a ranged attack
WolfSarcophagus ShieldSarcophagus Shield Atk Spd Stun
76 26 75
Crit Blk Wgt
42 81 19
Skill: Parrying has a chance to create a small fire around you

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