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Best Armor Sets: The Best Armor Set Bonuses

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This is a guide to the best armor sets that can be collected in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to find out which armor sets are the best for different builds to suit your playstyles!

Best Armor Set Bonuses

Best Armor Sets.png
Completing an armor set can bring certain bonuses to your character. There are two tiers to unlocking armor set bonuses: when you have equipped two armor pieces, and the other when you have all pieces of a set together.

Similar to skills, armors are also defined by the branch alignment they are part of, with each branch offering something in the way of what you'll need to create your own unique builds.

Raven Branch: Stealth Bonuses

Raven Icon.png All Armor Sets
Mentor's Set
Magister's Set
Raven Clan Set
Hidden Ones' Set

Stealth is the key point for most of the bonuses for armor sets aligned to the Raven Branch. Bonuses that add on to your lethality at night, assassinations, speed, and Critical Chance all complement the low weights of each piece in these armor sets. These highlight the speed, maneuverability, and evasiveness of your characters to help you go in and out of areas for perfect quiet kills.

Wolf Branch: Ranged Bonuses

Wolf Icon.png All Armor Sets
Galloglach Set
Huntsman Set
Arenhare'ko:wa Set

Set bonuses from Wolf Branch armors add to your ranged attacks, melee resistance and damage, as well as slow health regen. On its own however, Wolf Branch armors require the right complementary skills to be purchased as you gain more Power Levels to maximize its bonuses. They are the perfect armors for "Jack of All Trades" type characters, or characters in general who can go into stealth and back again into face to face fighting when they need to.

Bear Branch: Melee Bonuses

Bear Icon.png All Armor Sets
Brigandine Set
Thegn Set
Thor's Armor Set

Perfect for enthusiasts of the brute force approach to engagements, Armor Sets in the Bear Branch give great bonuses to speed, Critical Chance, Melee Damage as well as bonuses to when you are surrounded by groups of enemies. These when paired with the heavy weight and high defensive stats of the various armor pieces of each set help to ensure that each enemy encounter will result in the player coming out on top.

The Best Armor Sets in AC Valhalla

Hidden Ones' Armor Set

Hidden Ones Set
Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Robes Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Leggings Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Mask
Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Hood Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Gloves
Armor Set Bonuses
2/5 Pieces Increased Assassination Damage when in crouch and undetected for 10 seconds
5/5 Pieces Bonus Headshot Damage
Arm Eva LRes HRes Wgt
Hidden Ones' Gloves 15 16 24 18 10
Hidden Ones' Mask 18 16 21 21 10
Hidden Ones' Leggings 17 18 21 25 9
Hidden Ones' Hood 16 18 22 28 10
Hidden Ones' Robes 24 19 29 25 10

Perfect for stealthy players who prefer evasion, hiding, and ranged attacks over brute force and face to face engagements, the Hidden Ones' Armor Set is the quintessential armor set for players who wish to earn the moniker "Assassin". Even having two pieces of the set can already provide great help, adding bonus assassination damage that can allow you to get rid of the stronger enemies found in the game with quick assassinations.

Huntsman Armor Set

Huntsman Set
Huntsman ArmorHuntsman Armor Huntsman BreechesHuntsman Breeches Huntsman HelmHuntsman Helm
Huntsman CloakHuntsman Cloak Huntsman VambracesHuntsman Vambraces
Armor Set Bonuses
2/5 Pieces Increased Ranged Damage when shooting at enemies from distances of 20m or greater
5/5 Pieces Increase to speed
Arm Eva LRes HRes Wgt
Huntsman Cloak 17 11 18 24 14
Huntsman Helm 22 11 21 21 14
Huntsman Breeches 18 11 19 23 14
Huntsman Vambraces 20 11 24 18 14
Huntsman Armor 23 11 23 19 14

Slightly heavier overall when compared to the Hidden Ones' Armor Set, this armor set specializes more on staying out of face to face engagements and shooting at enemies from a distance. With bonuses to ranged damage and speed, this set provides players with the ability to eliminate targets from far away and run away to escape if they miss.

Brigandine Armor Set

Brigandine Set
Brigandine ArmorBrigandine Armor Brigandine TrousersBrigandine Trousers Brigandine HelmBrigandine Helm
Brigandine CapeBrigandine Cape Brigandine GauntletsBrigandine Gauntlets
Armor Set Bonuses
2/5 Pieces Increased armor when surrounded by more than two enemies
5/5 Pieces Increased Melee Damage
Arm Eva LRes HRes Wgt
Brigandine Gauntlets 26 8 23 23 17
Brigandine Armor 29 8 20 26 17
Brigandine Trousers 24 8 26 20 17
Brigandine Helm 28 8 25 21 17
Brigandine Cape 23 8 21 25 17

As the polar opposite to the Hidden Ones' Armor Set, the Brigandine Armor Set is perfect for players who like to get down and dirty in face to face engagements against enemies. Dual Wielding Spears enables you to have some cushion with the space it provides you in combat, reducing your need to dodge and waste stamina due to the heaviness of this set.

Thegn's Armor Set

Thegn Set
ThegnThegn's Heavy Tunic ThegnThegn's Breeches ThegnThegn's Great Helm
ThegnThegn's Cloak ThegnThegn's Bracers
Armor Set Bonuses
2/5 Pieces Increased Critical Chance when parrying
5/5 Pieces Increase to Critial Chance
Arm Eva LRes HRes Wgt
Thegn's Heavy Tunic 34 12 32 26 16
Thegn's Bracers 31 12 26 32 16
Thegn's Breeches 29 12 31 27 16
Thegn's Cloak 28 12 29 29 16
Thegn's Great Helm 33 12 27 31 16

Similar to the Brigandine Armor Set, this set is meant for offensive players. Where that set thrives in engaging enemies head on, a more defensive nature is taken with this set, perfect for players who can parry well. Equipping weapons that increase Critical Chance allows players to maximize all the bonuses such weapons and this armor provides to Criticals in combat.

Legendary Armor: Thor's Armor Set

Thor's Set
ThorThor's Breeches ThorThor's Gauntlets ThorThor's Battle Plate
ThorThor's Helmet ThorThor's Cape
Armor Set Bonuses
2/5 Pieces Increased Speed when stunning enemies
5/5 Pieces Increased Stun
Arm Eva LRes HRes Wgt
Thor's Breeches 27 8 27 23 18
Thor's Gauntlets 27 7 20 26 18
Thor's Battle Plate 39 11 34 28 18
Thor's Helmet 38 11 29 33 18
Thor's Cape 35 12 32 32 18

Thor's Armor Set is the best there is based alon on stats. Its usefulness is only stifled by the fact that it is pretty much an end-game armor, although some pieces can be collected during the mid-game.

Nonetheless, pairing this armor with weapons that have high stun bonuses, such as Varin's Axe, can trigger this armor's bonuses, nullifying much of the heavy weight it brings to the table in exchange for higher defensive stats and speed than what you would get from other armor sets.

Getting any of the pieces is no easy feat however. Check out our guide below for all the details on how to get Thor's Armor Set!

Legendary Armor | How to Get Thor's Armor

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