Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Controls and Skills Guide

Control Map.jpg

This is a guide on the basic controls in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to see the game's controls, how to parkour and climb, and use Odin's Sight in the game!

Basic Controls

On Foot and Basic Combat

Function Control
Walk/Run L stick.png Press and Hold for faster Run
Camera Movement R stick.png
Lock-On to Target R stick.png Press
Interact with Environment Triangle button.png
Dodge/Roll Square button.png Hold to Roll
Crouch O button.png
Light Attack R1.png
Heavy Attack R2.png
Parry L1.png
Aim Bow L2.png Hold
Prepare Melee Ability R2.png Hold
Prepare Ranged Ability L2.png Hold
Parry L1.png
Aim Bow L2.png
Use Heal Rations Dpad right.png

Useful Controls

Parkour and Climbing


Function Control
Jump Over/Climb L stick.png + X button.png

Obstacles in your way can be passed over, and almost everything can be climbed.

Simply press X and move the Left Analog Stick towards your chosen direction; any obstacles will be passed over or climbed automatically.

Function Control
Hang/Drop O button.png

Odin's Sight


Odin's Sight highlights nearby points of interest such as enemies, quest objectivs, mysteries and wealth.

Function Control
Use Odin's Sight R3 button.png Hold

Raven's Eye-View

Raven Eye-Mode.jpg

Using your Raven gives you a broader view of your environment, allowing you to see Points of Interest, Wealth, Mysteries, and Quests.

Function Control
Use Raven's Eye-View Dpad up.png
Move Raven L stick.png
Camera Movement R stick.png
Boost Flight Speed R2.png
Place Marker X button.png
Remove all Markers Square button.png



When in bodies of water, you may choose to conceal yourself by diving, or simply choose to explore underwater areas.

Function Control
Dive O button.png
Swim Down O button.png Hold
Swim Up X button.png Hold
Lunge L stick.png Press

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is an essential mode of transportation that you can use to quickly navigate around the map.

Function Control
Call your Horse Dpad left.png Hold
Mount your Horse Triangle button.png
Movement/Gallop L stick.png Press for faster Gallop
Dismount O button.png


Sailing is a good method to explore. You primarily get to travel by Longship, which you can also use to go out on Raids.

Function Control
Movement L stick.png
Open/Close Sail X button.png Hold
Aim/Fire Bow L2.png + R stick.png + R2.png
Take Command Triangle button.png
Leave Command O button.png Hold
Follow Coast/River Square button.png


Quick Actions Wheel

Quick Actions Wheel.jpg

Function Control
Access the Quick Actions Wheel Dpad down.png
Quick Actions Wheel Navigation R stick.png Towards chosen Action

The Quick Action Wheel contains a number of Actions that are otherwise not tied to specific buttons. Actions such as Raiding, equipping your Torch, and Meditating can be accessed through this menu.

Faster Climbing

It's possible to quickly climb over walls and other climbable objects.

Press the 'X' button to quickly ascend over things.

Jumping from a Horse

You can quickly dismount your Horse and immediately go running or enter a combat stance.

To do this, you must press the 'O' and then the 'X' button. You will jump in the direction you are facing.

Tagging Enemies

Enemy Tagging.jpg

Stealth is one of the key factors to be considered when playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

While in Raven's Eye-View, you can use it to tag enemies, allowing you to see stealthy paths towards your objective.

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