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This is a guide to the best bows that can be found in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to find out the stats for each of the strongest bows and where you can find them to gain the power to defeat the toughest foes!

The Best Bows in AC Valhalla

Light Bows

Skadi's Wrath

Type Light Bow Align Bear Icon.png
Atk 56 Spd 49
Stn 67 Crit 55
Hd-Shot 30 Wgt 12
Rune Slots 0 Upgrades -
Increase Critical Chance when hitting Weak Points
Where to Get
SkadiEnlarge SkadiEnlarge
Region Ledecestrescire
Location Ledecester

Skadi's Wrath brings with it one of the highest damage and highest stun damage available to Light Bows in the game. Not only does it bring good damage with its base and upgraded stats, but the bow also packs quite a punch when hitting critical areas against far away foes, making it a valuable tool when picking off enemies stealthily. For a Light Bow, Skadi's Wrath does the job amazingly well.

Skadi's Wrath Stats and Where to Find


Death-Skald Icon.png
Type Light Bow Align Bear Icon.png
Atk 84 Spd 52
Stn 91 Crit 66
Hd-Shot 41 Wgt 12
Rune Slots 2 Upgrades -
Increase Critical Chance the lighter you are
Where to Get
Death-Skald Location Map.jpgEnlarge Death-Skald Location World.jpgEnlarge
Region Hamtunscire
Location Brerdinges Roman Ruins

Boasting one of the better base stats there is for all Light Bows, Death-Skald is a nifty substitute for Skadi's Wrath if you're looking for a bow that can hold you over while you upgrade that bow to its maximum potential. Nonetheless, keeping this bow isn't a bad idea either due to how close it is to the type of stats for a bow you'll need for the endgame.

Death-Skald Stats and Location

Predator Bows

Petra's Arc

Type Predator Bow Align Wolf Icon.png
Atk 80 Spd 22
Stn 49 Crit 63
Hd-Shot 74 Wgt 20
Rune Slots 1 Upgrades -
Increase Critical Damage when close to Full Health
Where to Get
You can get Petra's Arc as a reward after successfully hunting your fourth Legendary Animal. After hunting the fourth Legendary Animal, go back to Wallace in the Hunter's Hut at Ravensthorpe to receive your reward.
Requirement Legendary Animals

Petra's Arc is a pound for pound champion when it comes to bows, posting extremely good stats on damage output, with a chance for critical damage when you're close to Full Health. It makes attacking things from range a viable way of ending conflicts before they begin – particularly in situations where assassinations are necessary.

Petra's Arc Stats and Location


Needler Icon.png
Type Predator Bow Align Wolf Icon.png
Atk 66 Spd 24
Stn 36 Crit 59
Hd-Shot 70 Wgt 20
Rune Slots 0 Upgrades -
Stealth Headshots create a Sleep Cloud around the body
Where to Get
Merchant Store.jpg
Bought from merchants at the cost of 380 Silver.

Despite having relatively weak base stats for a Predator Bow, the Needler is an effective weapon once upgrades come in. It has the ability to create Sleep Clouds which can influence other nearby enemies for every headshot you make in stealth, making this a valuable tool for the sneaky.

Needler Stats and Location

Hunter Bows

Sagittarius Bow

Sagittarius Bow Icon.png
Type Hunter Bow Align Wolf Icon.png
Atk 68 Spd 39
Stn 52 Crit 65
Hd-Shot 61 Wgt 15
Rune Slots 1 Upgrades -
Increase Speed when hitting weak points
Where to Get
Sagittarius Bow Location Map.jpgEnlarge Sagittarius Bow Location World.jpgEnlarge
Region Jorvik
Location Multangular Tower

Second only to Petra's Arc in terms of power output, the Sagittarius Bow is its relatively weaker cousin. It's pitifully slow speed means a huge trade-off with regards to the number of shots you can put out for the amount of damage it can provide. Nonetheless, hitting weakpoints negates this one negative, as targeting these points increases speed.

Sagittarius Bow Stats and Location


Death-Speaker Icon.png
Type Hunter Bow Align Raven Icon.png
Atk 49 Spd 44
Stn 34 Crit 61
Hd-Shot 59 Wgt 15
Rune Slots 0 Upgrades -
Weak Point hits restore some Health
Where to Get
Merchant Store.jpg
Bought from merchants at the cost of 360 Silver.

Bringing to the table stolid stats, both base and upgraded ones, Death-Speaker also packs with it the ability of restoring parts of your health when you strike at weakpoints. Couple this with solid damage output against enemies, and you have a bow that you can very well keep and upgrade all the way to the end of the game from when you first receive it.

Death-Speaker Stats and Location

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