Assassin's Creed Valhalla

List of Torso Armors

This is a list of all the torso armors found in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla)! Read more to see the whole list of torso armors and each of their stats!

List of Torso Armors

Bear Icon.pngBrigandine ArmorBrigandine Armor Arm Eva L-Res
29 8 20
H-Res Wgt Set
26 17 Brigandine
Bear Icon.pngThegnThegn's Heavy Tunic Arm Eva L-Res
34 12 32
H-Res Wgt Set
26 16 Thegn
Bear Icon.pngRus ArmorRus Armor Arm Eva L-Res
28 9 26
H-Res Wgt Set
20 16 Rus Armor
Bear Icon.pngSaint GeorgeSaint George's Armor Arm Eva L-Res
27 7 18
H-Res Wgt Set
24 17 Saint George's
Bear Icon.pngCeltic ArmorCeltic Armor Arm Eva L-Res
29 8 20
H-Res Wgt Set
26 17 Celtic Armor
Raven Icon.pngMentorMentor's Robes Arm Eva L-Res
23 17 22
H-Res Wgt Set
28 11 Mentor's
Raven Icon.pngWaylandWayland's Torso Arm Eva L-Res
29 8 20
H-Res Wgt Set
26 17 Wayland's Armor
Raven Icon.pngIberian ArmorIberian Armor Arm Eva L-Res
23 14 23
H-Res Wgt Set
23 13 Iberian Armor
Raven Icon.pngEgyptian ArmorEgyptian Armor Arm Eva L-Res
21 16 20
H-Res Wgt Set
26 11 Egyptian Armor
Raven Icon.pngMerchant BlouseMerchant Blouse Arm Eva L-Res
22 10 21
H-Res Wgt Set
21 8 None
Raven Icon.pngHidden OnesHidden Ones' Robes Arm Eva L-Res
24 19 29
H-Res Wgt Set
25 10 Hidden Ones
Raven Icon.pngDruidic ArmorDruidic Armor Arm Eva L-Res
20 17 25
H-Res Wgt Set
21 10 Druidic Armor
Raven Icon.pngThrallThrall's Tunic Arm Eva L-Res
16 13 22
H-Res Wgt Set
22 10 None
Raven Icon.pngRaven Clan ArmorRaven Clan Armor Arm Eva L-Res
20 14 21
H-Res Wgt Set
21 12 Raven Clan
Raven Icon.pngMagisterMagister's Robes Arm Eva L-Res
23 14 23
H-Res Wgt Set
23 13 Magister's
Wolf Icon.pngGalloglach ArmorGalloglach Armor Arm Eva L-Res
28 12 23
H-Res Wgt Set
27 15 Galloglach
Wolf Icon.pngDublin Champion ArmorDublin Champion Armor Arm Eva L-Res
25 12 25
H-Res Wgt Set
21 14 Dublin Champion Armor
Wolf Icon.pngByzantine Greek ArmorByzantine Greek Armor Arm Eva L-Res
26 11 21
H-Res Wgt Set
25 15 Byzantine Armor
Wolf Icon.pngArenhareArenhare'ko:wa Outfit Arm Eva L-Res
44 10 41
H-Res Wgt Set
41 14 Arenhare'ko:wa
Wolf Icon.pngHuntsman ArmorHuntsman Armor Arm Eva L-Res
23 11 23
H-Res Wgt Set
19 14 Huntsman

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