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All Lunden Quest Walkthroughs (The City of War Saga)

This is a guide for Lunden Quest Walkthroughs which is The City of War Saga in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read more to learn more about each of these quests and how to complete them.

Lunden Quests Information

The City of War.png
The City of War Saga is the quest saga you must complete in Lunden in order to get its alliance.

A secret war ravages the streets of the city, and its up to you to uncover the great secret when a murder throws the city into chaos. Eivor must find the agents of the Order and stop them before it's too late.

Lunden Quest Walkthroughs

Walls and Shadows Walkthrough


Eivor travels to Lunden in search of an alliance for Ravensthorpe.

Walls and Shadows Walkthrough

Bleeding the Leech Walkthrough


Murders are bringing the body count around Lunden to a pile high. Join Erke in discovering who is behind these grizzly killings. You will be faced with a difficult choice – preserve the memories of these killings for the greater good, or let it all go?

Bleeding The Leech Walkthrough

Firing the Arrow Walkthrough


A clue to find The Arrow has arisen. Stowe will aid you in your quest to track down and eliminate this deadly Order member.

Firing The Arrow Walkthrough

Smashing the Compass Walkthrough


The Leech and The Arrow have now been defeated, drawing the illustrious Compass out into the open. Defend the city of Lunden and defeat this Order member to free the city from his grasp!

Smashing The Compass Walkthrough

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