Assassin's Creed Valhalla

All Gear Locations (Weapons and Armor)

This is a guide on the locations of all Gear (Armor) in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to find out where you can find these armor pieces and grow stronger with each piece!

What are Gears?

How to Find Gear.png
Gears are a type of Wealth that you can find all across the different territories you go through in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla), comprised mostly of Weapons and Armors.

Where to Get Gears?

Gears are often found hidden away in buildings or other fortifications. Some of the best Gears are locked in chests hidden within establishments that are heavily guarded by enemies, but gathering these pieces of equipment can be easily done if you track down Wealth on your map and looking for the Gear Icon denoted on it.

Gear Icon

All Armor Gear Locations

Note: This list only contains armor pieces found as part of regional Wealth. For a full list of all armor pieces and how to get them, check out our Armor Guide below.

Armor Guide: List of All Armor Sets

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Cloaks Bracers Torso Armor
Pants Helmets

Cloak Locations

Galloglach Cape.jpgGalloglach Cape MentorMentor's Cloak Huntsman Cloak.jpgHuntsman Cloak
MagisterMagister's Cloak ThegnThegn's Cloak Brigandine Cape.jpgBrigandine Cape
Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Hood Celtic Cloak.jpgCeltic Cloak Druidic Cloak.jpgDruidic Cloak

Bracers Locations

MentorMentor's Vambrace ThegnThegn's Bracers Galloglach Bracers.jpgGalloglach Bracers
Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Gloves MagisterMagister's Vambraces Brigandine Gauntlets.jpgBrigandine Gauntlets
Huntsman Vambraces.jpgHuntsman Vambraces Celtic Bracers.jpgCeltic Bracers Druidic Bracers.jpgDruidic Bracers

Torso Armor Locations

Huntsman Armor.jpgHuntsman Armor Galloglach Armor.jpgGalloglach Armor MagisterMagister's Robes
Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Robes Brigandine Armor.jpgBrigandine Armor ThegnThegn's Heavy Tunic
MentorMentor's Robes Celtic Armor.jpgCeltic Armor Druidic Armor.jpgDruidic Armor

Pants Locations

Huntsman Breeches.jpgHuntsman Breeches Galloglach Trousers.jpgGalloglach Trousers MagisterMagister's Trousers
Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Leggings MentorMentor's Trousers ThegnThegn's Breeches
Brigandine Trousers.jpgBrigandine Trousers Celtic Breeches.jpgCeltic Breeches Druidic Breeches.jpgDruidic Breeches

Helmets Locations

Huntsman Helm.jpgHuntsman Helm Galloglach Helm.jpgGalloglach Helm ThegnThegn's Great Helm
MentorMentor's Mask MagisterMagister's Mask Brigandine Helm.jpgBrigandine Helm
Hidden OnesHidden Ones' Mask Celtic Helmet.jpgCeltic Helmet Druidic Helmet.jpgDruidic Helmet

All Weapon Gear Locations

Note: This list only contains weapons found as part of regional Wealth. For a full list of all weapons and how to get them, check out our Weapons Guide below.

Weapons Guide: List of All Weapons

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Shields One-Handed Weapons Two-Handed Weapons

Shield Locations

Sarcophagus Shield.jpgSarcophagus Shield Oaken Kite Shield.jpgOaken Kite Shield Plank and Buckler.jpgPlank and Buckler
Kite Shield.jpgKite Shield Briton Shield.jpgBriton Shield Shishi Guard.jpgShishi Guard
Hrafn Guard.jpgHrafn Guard Drekar Shield.jpgDrekar Shield Spartan Shield.jpgSpartan Shield
The MorriganThe Morrigan's Guard

One-Handed Weapon Locations

Spinning-Death.jpgSpinning-Death BlacksmithBlacksmith's Hammer SuttungrSuttungr's Claw
War Hammer.jpgWar Hammer Iron-Star.jpgIron-Star SoldierSoldier's Flail
Yngling Seax.jpgYngling Seax HousecarlHousecarl's Axe Fyrd Axe.jpgFyrd Axe
Ceremonial Sickle.jpgCeremonial Sickle

Two-Handed Weapon Locations

Fyrd Spear.jpgFyrd Spear Carolingian Longsword.jpgCarolingian Longsword LagerthaLagertha's Axe
Bone-Biter.jpgBone-Biter Sepulcher Axe.jpgSepulcher Axe AellaAella's Bardiche
Battle Sparth.jpgBattle Sparth

Bow Locations

Sagittarius Bow.jpgSagittarius Bow Long Bow.jpgLong Bow Recurve Bow.jpgRecurve Bow
Death-Skald.jpgDeath-Skald Iron Cloud.jpgIron Cloud SkadiSkadi's Wrath

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