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This is a guide for the Legendary Animal Elk of Bloody Peaks in Rygjafylke for Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to find more about this dangerous beast.

Elk of Bloody Peaks Location

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Recommended Power Level

As its name suggests, the Elk can be found at the peak of a mountain. Slightly west of Fornburg in Rygjafylke, you will find a mountain with a pond at its top. Climb the mountain and meet the Elk there for battle.

Tips & Tricks

Elk of Bloody Peaks Complete.png

The Elk can be found very early on when you begin the game. Like how most of the Mysteries and Artifacts you find in Rygjafylke teach you the basics to some Mysteries, the Elk is meant to teach you the basics of how to find and defeat Legendary Animals.

Watch the Antlers

Elk of Bloody Peaks Antler.png

A majority of the beast's attacks are through the use of its antlers. The Elk itself is rather big, and so is the range of its attacks. Unless you bring its health down low enough, much of the Elk's attacks can be blocked easily.

Avoid its Kicks

Elk of Bloody Peaks Back Kick.png

One effective way of voiding the Elk's ability to attack you with its antlers is by attacking it from behind when it charges. Doing so will either force the Elk to turn to you or kick you with its back feet.


Elk of Bloody Peaks Timing.png

All of the Elk's attacks have a short window of time where it prepares before going in to attack. Take this time to move out of the way, or if you intend to block, then make sure that it has actually begun its attack before pressing the block button.

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