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This guide is for the Legendary Animal - Steinnbjorn in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn the tips and tricks to beat this dangerous beast.

Steinnbjorn Location

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Recommended Power Level

Steinnbjorn can be found just north of the Serpent's Tree in Jotunheim. The arena in which you fight this beast is raised up above ground level.

Tips & Tricks

Steinnbjorn Complete.png

This beast is perhaps the biggest and deadliest of all the Legendary Animals.

With a power level of 400, Steinnbjorn is meant to be beaten by those already done with the main quests of the game and have reached high power levels themselves.

Avoid its Area Attack

Steinnbjorn CA.png

A few times in your battle, Steinnbjorn may raise the ground beneath you both which causes great damage.

When you notice it rise up on two legs, move and dodge away to avoid taking hits.

Keep Moving

Steinnbjorn Back.png

Like many other Legendary Animals, its a wise decision to try and keep to the back of Steinnbjorn. However, due to its ability to perform massive sweep attacks, fighting from behind the beast's back is no longer a guaranteed safe choice.

Target The Ice Crystals

Steinnbjorn Crystal.png

There are several Ice Crystals that can be found all over Steinnbjorn's body. Managing to hit them with ranged or physical attacks reduces a good amount of Steinnbjorn's health.

Target Its Weak Spots

Steinnbjorn Weak Spots.png

One added bonus to staying behind Steinnbjorn is that you can easily shoot arrows towards its weak spots whenever it stands up to deliver one of his circular area attacks.

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