Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Twirling Targets Walkthrough | Yule Festival Quest

This page is a walkthrough for the Twirling Targets Quest in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn more about the quest objectives, stealth routes, notables, and more!

Previous Quest
Yule Festival
IMPORTANT: In this quest's current state, a bug can occur wherein the active targets twirl the wrong way throughout the entire contest. Shooting the "inverted" active targets may still count towards your score. Reloading your save may also fix the issue.

Twirling Targets Location

This repeatable quest starts in Ravensthorpe immediately after the Yule Festival quest's cutscene.

Twirling Targets Walkthrough

No. Objectives Guide
1 Talk to Thyra Speak to Thyra to begin the Twirling Targets contest.
2 Shoot the targets to collect points Shoot as many targets as you can to increase your score within the time limit.
Your equipped bow will be replaced with a Hunter Bow during the contest.
You receve Yule tokens depending on your score at the end of the contest.
All targets can be hit without charging your shot. This can save you precious time to rack up even more points.
Always keep an eye out for the red target on the lower left as it seems to face towards you unexpectedly.
Click here to know more about the Twirling Targets contest mechanics!

Twirling Targets Contest Mechanics

Twirling Targets - Archery contest.png
All twirling targets are marked with one of three colors. Each color represents a specific number of points when hit. Shooting these while they are facing your way will contribute to your score.

Refer to the table below for all colors and their corresponding points:

Target Color Points
Green 15 points
Yellow 20 points
Red 35 points

Yule Tokens are rewarded at the end of the time limit. The number of Yule Tokens received depends on your score at the end of the contest.

Refer to the table below for score thresholds and their corresponding rewards:

Score Reward
0-499 points 0 Yule Tokens
500-999 points 10 Yule Tokens
1000-1099 points 20 Yule Tokens
1100-1199 points 30 Yule Tokens
1200+ points 40 Yule Tokens

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Did you resolve this as mines doing the same ?!?

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I get no twirling targets, game locks up , no brawl, Easter eggs in air !@@


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