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Cow Catcher Walkthrough | Yule Festival Quest

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This page is a walkthrough for the Cow Clutcher Quest in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn more about the quest objectives, stealth routes, notables, and more!

Previous Quest
Yule Festival
Certain phases in this quest can be bugged in its current state. It is recommended that you do a quick save at least before starting this quest.

Cow Catcher Location

The quest starts in Ravensthorpe immediately after the Yule Festival quest's cutscene.

Cow Catcher Walkthrough

No. Objectives Guide
1 Talk to Winfrith Speak to Winfrith located at Ravensthorpe's Cattle Farm to initiate a cutscene.
2 Reach the shore Take a rowboat from the docks and head to the other side of the river with Berthram.
3 Hunt the missing cattle with Berthram Search for the missing cattle and hunt them down to collect their meat.
A cutscene will play out as soon as you approach the last cattle.
TIP: Use Odin's Sight and Raven's-Eye View to determine their exact locations.
4 Escort Berthram back to Winfrith Return to Ravensthorpe with Berthram and speak to Winfrith to finish the quest.
You receive 140 Yule Tokens upon completion.
Berthram becomes a possible opponent in the Yule Brawl upon completion.
WARNING: The quest marker for this particular objective may display incorrect information. Ignore it and continue to escort back to Ravensthorpe's Cattle Farm.

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