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This is a guide for Hordafylke Quest Walkthroughs which is In The Hall of The Slain Saga in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read more to learn more about each of these quests and how to complete them.

Hordafylke Quests Information

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In The Hall of The Slain is a quest saga taking place in Hordafylke, back in Eivor's home of Norway.

Sigurd comes to you, believing that he has found a way into Valhalla. The siblings return to Norway in search of the Viking afterlife.

Hordafylke Quest Walkthroughs

Where Legends Are Born Walkthrough


Travel across Norway, to the northern region of Hordafylke in search of the secret Sigurd claims he knows.

Where Legends Are Born Walkthrough

A Brother's Keeper Walkthrough


Uncover the mysteries of Valhalla, and see for yourself if the afterlife is true. Prepare yourself – threats still unknown have yet to emerge.

A Brother's Keeper Walkthrough

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Vinland Wrath of the Druids (DLC)
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